Monday, May 23, 2011

Saturdays BBQ

After my facial (Exuviance treatment) I went to some friends for a barbeque.
Wanna be my dinner for tonight? The lamb smiles since he knows I'm more of a mooo and oink-person.
My God how cute he was.
Just wanted to fluff him and put him under my head.
 The black sheep of the family..and two lambs ;)
 It's fun with cute animals
 Hi, mummy lamb. See, she's got her eye on my hair...
And NOOO, I didn't have lamb chops for dinner, I had homemade hamburgers, mushrooms, mixed salad and spicy sausage for dinner. Neither contained lambs.
But on the news later there were reports of 3 sheeps being slaughtered brutally by something big with sharp teeth. They thought it was a ha haaaa!


  1. That first lamb is so confused. It's like, "I'm sleepy- WOAH GREEN HAIRED LADY WHAT"

  2. He looked like he was smiling! xoxo

  3. What I miss about living in the country is all the baby animals :D