Friday, May 20, 2011

What a wonderful Friday

I just can't believe what a wonderful day it is here in Sweden! I just had to show it:

The supercute skeleton hair clips is a gift from my sweet sister <3
And what's todays big treat? Well, I promised the kids to make their own hamburgers. And when Synthia said that at school when I left her some kid in her class said to me:
"Uhm, with blood on them I guess, since you're a vampire."
That was a sweet thought, and it sounded good...perhaps his blood?
Nah, I'll be good today, the weather is to wonderful to do horrific deads so I will just eat rare fillet of beef and have some gorgonzola and broccoli with it. And since I'm resistant to garlic I'll add some pressed garlic on top om the meat. OH, how I love my meat!


  1. Yey! I am the first comment!
    first of all: WOW whaat a picture! you look so young! You look likea teenager!!! I am in shock! you are making the impossible, possible,you are not aging at all, girl. <3 I love your cute little smile! Is that your secret to look young? Smile all the time? You are such an inspiration! Not only the make up, but you're whole posetive attitude!Which leads me on to the 2Second of all: That guy, joking about the meat. I would be grumpy about that comment, but you're just laughing and smiling it off.
    Oh my Goth. I LOVE YOU!
    You are my favourite Goth, woman of all time! You're kids and you're husband, sure is lucky to have you! <3 Wish I could see the picture of beautiful Swede, but the computer doesn't like me. It's not so good in Norway though, all windy, dark clouds..
    but again: Fangs you so much for this blog(blood) you are an amazing Lady!:D

  2. Hair clips are perfect! So you!! And really, you look so young and beautiful! I love to see your smile when fangs pop out a little bit- so cute and again so you! Ok, I'm boring but it's true :D

    Have a nice day! In Croatia, today, we also have nice weather witch is rare in my town (I think Rijeka has more rain than London :rolleyes:)


    You love your meat säger du????

    Titta på detta om du vågar öppna ögonen för vilket lidande du stödjer!

  4. Hahaha awww kids are so sweet...You look really gorgeous,love the hairclips!

  5. Och visst är du tjusig, det råder det inga tvivel om!! Men jag tycker det är ledsamt med ditt tjat om hur du ÄLSKAR kött...

    Då kan du inte vara så insatt i hur den branschen ser ut... för då har man antingen inget samvete eller så är man inte så stolt över sin djurkonsumtion?!

  6. Even though I'm a vegan I have say you are the cutest meat lover ever...shhh don't tell anyone. This is one of my favorite pictures I've seen on your blog. Those hair clips look great.

  7. Those clips are so cool! I still want a pair!

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  9. Jag tror inte att det är fel att lika kött.
    I'm fairly sure those that go on about meat eating being bad surely do something that is bad too, smoke, use tampons/pads (yes, you would be surprised how bad they are for not only the nature but also your wallet), use fuckloads of chemicals and so harm not only the nature but also themselves, and so on.

    So, let me see, I'm going to say this even though I'm not Christian: "The one of you who is sinless may throw the first stone."

    Also, Adora you are so bloody gorgeous and my inspiration! I love the clips, I totally want ones too!


  10. I'm getting mad notes from "Sanna" about me loving meat and she think's I should not support the meat industry.

    Sanna (and anyone else), I'm sorry, but I LOVE meat, and try to make good choices when I buy it, that's the best I can do about it. I'd like the animals to have a nice life before it ends up on my plate. That should always be strived for. I like animals - alive and dead.

    Wanna save a cow and offer yourself? ;)

    I also wear leather shoes sometimes, bleaches my hair, wear nailpolish, eat bananas and drive a car as well as given birth to 3 kids even if there are kids starving in other contries. I better say I'm sorry for this too.

    But I do send vaccinations and food via Unicef at least once a year. And I support diagnosis children in Sweden once a month. I like to save humans more. It makes me feel good, but I don't vaunt about it since it's nobodys business.

    You should never assume you know something about a person because one doesn't...

  11. Adora, you are the queen!!
    It's sad that you must justify to people who know only to judge others.
    "Wanna save a cow and offer yourself?" Lol.. respect for great post(s)!!

  12. You tell em gyyyyyrl!-Ethereal

  13. Adora! Tell me your secret! I wanna look that good when im past 30 too :D is it diet and skinproducts that does the trick?

  14. @Lisa: I think it's genetic. My mom looks very young too (and she's not using ANY make up or products).
    But a few tricks: Don't get kids until you're over 30 (you REALLY age with kids - even nice ones like mine), I haven't tanned since I was 12 (when exposed to sun I use strong sunblockers and an umbrella mostly), I don't smoke, I drink moderatly, I eat according to the Montignac Method mostly, I use skincare products every day - what else - yeah - I laugh a lot :)

    And I think my "skinnyness" makes me look younger since most people of a certain age tend to put on a bit of weight. But the laughing-part I think is the most important :)

  15. upf i have the same hairclips but the fingers broke ç.ç they're SOOOOO cute... sigh...
    And, as you use, you're soooo pretty! you look good with every hair colour... i think i will add some neon green to my future violet bangs! And I agree with Monika-Rose: you look SOOO young! o.o When i saw you the first time, I thinked you were something like 25!! i really want to be this beautiful at your age. v.v

  16. you go, girl!
    i love meat,too. i used to be a vegetarian when i was a teenager and now i try to eat not a lot of meat and when i buy meat i take the biological correct one, never from the discounter.
    but hell yeah, meat is so friggin delicious! don't listen to the people who try to push their ideologies down your throat!
    i also wanted to tell you, i've been reading your blog for a while now and it is amazing how you can brighten up a bad day, you're almost like chocolate :) <3<3<3
    all the best from germany

  17. hi our wonderful Adora :)I'm here for some help because I'm totaly desperate...can you please tell me what product do you use to bleach your hair? And if you have some extra tips please share I will be honored...mine hair are black right now and I extremely want to have them colourful :)...thank you far care and I'm sending love from Czech republic <3

  18. Oh! I have hairclips exactly like those but with extra blood splatters on them - I love wearing them to my antatomy classes! Kreepsville 666, perchance?

    You look stunning, as always.

  19. Oh, I wish I was in Sweden today!! It looks so lovely and you are so fortunate to have such a lovely view. I live so close to NYC and all the good views are blocked by humongous skyscrapers and other buildings :( That view is just gorgeous!
    And your hair clips are to die for. I love them! I just think they look so perfect with your green hair.
    And, I also feel so sorry that you have to justify your self to other people. It just something a person shouldn't have to do for strangers. I am also a "meat-lover" as you say but I mostly eat veggies (I would call myself semi-vegetarian). Whenever I do buy meat, I try to get the "best" I would say or the ones that are natural and no animals are harmed too much. I care about animals and I try to make the best choices when buying meats as you said you do.
    I don't want to rant at you though or anyone else so....I loved your make-up and your barrettes and your view makes me so jealous...and I hope you have a good weekend and enjoy more views like this one you had to day!
    xoxoxoxo <3Glumplum


    ND YES! its sad all the stories about the meat process on the USA! its terrible! but keep in mind people! here in europe things ARE DIFERENT! we do have eco-pro-animals farms!! At least our cows did thouched the grass! sometime in their life!

  21. True, the way the animals get slaughtered should be radically changed but to say plants are less valuable then animals is ridiculous. All life is created EQUAL I will not put animals on a pedestal I will put them on my dinner plate much like I will vegetables. I eat them all I enjoy them all I will not be a plant racist like sannah.

  22. hello!
    i just wanted to ask when are you going to do another makeup tutorial on youtube? i love your makeup looks and i think it really suits you <3
    p.s. i'm really sorry if there are any mistakes in my english.

  23. I had a dream about you last night XD You were with your sister in Finland, Helsinki and I saw you there in our goth shop called Morticia. I went to talk to you and you were really nice to me *laugh*
    I'll move to Sweden next Autumn and I wish I'll see that beautiful scene from my balcony, too, when Sweden is finally my home country. Kisses so much, gorgeous.<3

  24. I had a dream about you too Adora. You were in my kitchen and helped me to cook. Smiling the hole time haha. x Jay

  25. Ugh, I'm seriously drooling right now, just thinking of bloody meat...

  26. Oh Adora, your so fantastic. I love you so much, your an inspiration