Sunday, June 5, 2011

I'm so gif:ed

Thank's all for the crazy gif's. It is just too much fun.
I didn't even know they existed! I've seen one or two before, but there are many out there nice people have told me!
I couldn't save and open them so here's a link to a few.


  1. hey! i saw you on youtube, and im SO IN LOVE WITH YOU! *_* you are the most beautiful girl ive seen. i wanna look like you haha! xD im from sweden, so my english isnt that good :p i hope you will answer this! :'D i love you / linda (

  2. You are positively gorgeous ^.^

  3. Here's more love~! Tho you'll have to settle for my bad artwork. Sorry! ^^()

  4. @Sabarae: Wow!! Thank's! I've never been a chibi before, it's so cute. And the coffin is just the best. I'm putting this up to my facebook accounts (private and official)

  5. Hey,
    take a look at what I found:
    I love her work, and YOU^^

  6. haha love your top, just looove it !
    Btw, i thought pink was my favorite on u, but its just 2nd after green, I don't understand why ppl complain about it, it suits you so damn well :)
    Have a nice day pretty lady