Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Old picture of the day

What memories! Late 90's I believe.
Me and my pretty protégé Emanuel (I called him "Janet").
Oh, how I loved hanging with him, the best shopping partner and make up friend a girl could ever have. He saved my husband many boring shopping sprees ;)
He was one of the top 10 prettiest boys ever created (and I created him ;) )...even though he's not wearing make up anymore he still looks fine, but when he did he was flawless. No, he's not gay, no, he's not single either *sorry*
Thank's for the happy memories, Janet <3
I'll see if I have more pics of him...this was unfortunately before the digital era so everything is on paper copys... This picture is from his early days, he got soooo much better at doing make up.
Made mummy proud!
Here's an extra.


  1. You aways look amazing! I enjoy seeing pictures of your past 'looks', this one you remind me of Gwen Steffani - I hope that is ok! x

  2. Such a cutie! Goodness, I'm having a lot of small crushes lately -- I'm sure a girl cannot help it -- but I'm still loyal to my sweetheart ^^

  3. rawrrr :D
    love his "waver" hair... not many people do this style anymore, unfortunately..

  4. Aw. I don0t know who to stare at drooling first. How old were you back then?

  5. I commented on another post lol *idiot*. Anyways, you look like gypsy and clive from gyspsy 83