Friday, June 3, 2011


One of my HATE subjects at school were Philosophy (Swedish gymnasium at age 16-19).
To this day I can't see no use whatsoever of this subject.
The fact that the teacher was like dried meat and about to die every second didn't really help.
It should have, because one of my main interests was to be able to watch a person die close up just to get the hang of it, so I should have been very focused, but perhaps the concentrating of not missing if he were about to die made me out of focus?

I have no memory about what he tried to teach me apart from one sentence that has stuck with me for all these years. See, Mr PerErik, I DID learn something!

"In philosophy person B can never pass person A".
This was also rich illustrated in the book.
If, at a race for example, person A was faster at the start, person B could never get ahead of him. In real life - yes, but philosophy is one fucked up subject, so when person A where at point 2, person B was only at point 1. And as person B reached point 2, person A have moved foward to point 3 - ergo, as person B moves, person A moves too and is at a new location every time person B reaches person A's last location. This made me insane!!!!


  1. Under mina år som sjuksköterska jag fick bevittna 1000-tals dödsfall rakt framför mig, och även arbetat några år i bårhuset utföra inlägget mortems på människor, en del av vem jag hade varit där som de dog och jag såg livet avvika dem, jag växte okänslig för det hela och det blev normal praxis förekommer dagligen av död och sörjande familjer gråt (också en hel del som jag var tvungen att informera deras relation hade gått).

  2. Philosophy at my school was between the ages of 12 - 16 more or less, it became optional after. An option I have not pursued. The age group, of course, meant that you always got some eejit saying something like "here, what's that 'youth in Asia' thing about". Due to the mix of learning abilities (and general half-assedness of the teachers) it was horrifically simplistic and never got any real thinking going and that's a shame because I think I would really enjoy it if it required me to think, hehe.
    I like geting hopelessly worked up and confused over something completely pointless :P

  3. Måste säga nu när jag ändå läser en hel del filosofi i mina universitetskurser jag läst denna termin att det var krångligare på gymnasiet, det är så mycket man måste förstå runt ikring för att det ska vara förstååligt över huvud taget, jag vet inte vad det var ni pratade om för typ av filosofi när ni nu hade det där som exempel men det driver en verkligen på nerverna ibland även när man lär sig mer... det är dock så pass att man KAN ana en poäng där någonstans med det.. ;)

  4. i´m studying philosophy right now (even in this moment, i will have an exam next week :D ). i choosed ethics, because I didn´t really ant to have philosophy, but to say the truth, we have mostly the same subjects as the philosophy students. i can´t say it isn´t interesting, but the history of philosophy sucks :D It´s good to read about it but not to learn it. And logic...I saw the styudy plan from trihr semester, goth thats just crazy O_o :D
    Really, I have no idea what will I do after school :D

  5. I personally love philosophy, and would be bothered by the fact that you do not, except you did it so WELL. Most people who say they do not like philosophy simply do not understand what it is about. I like this blog.

  6. Jag ber om ursäkt jag verkar ha fått fel ände av pinnen om ämnet för denna :-( bortse min kommentar som ett påhitt av en övertrött utomstående haha ​​x

  7. such a rude cartoon there.

  8. Here in Spain philosophy is taught at the same age, but they usually focus on studying determinate authors, that was it (Kant was SO boring >.<). Oh, but don't suffer about person B. Remember the tortoise and the hare. Maybe person A becomes too confident... and person B gets there and kills him/her while sleeping ^^

  9. Well...but everyday we use a lot of things based on (evolved from) logical thought.
    Person A and person B is just a demostration...the so called reductio ab asburdum. Probably noone will use it in lifetime but this is the ground of european (better to say occidental) thought.
    At the end I would say that: if nowadays ppl use logical thought, probably our society will be better.

  10. Filthy heathen that I am, I love the cartoon. ;)