Monday, June 27, 2011

Redecorating my kitchen

The kitchen area where I prepare all my slaughtered people I've "found" outside cute little cupcakes and pies is in need of some storing.
We never eat in the kitchen (dear God, we are not savages!) so we're gonna make it a kind of kitchen bench.
We used 3 frames from a wall kitchen top cabinets size 40x40x70 (IKEA) and put on high gloss white doors on two of them. The one in the corner will remain open and turned to the side. Between the frames we have a slide rail (right now we just tried it out with 2 towels).
On top we have bought a vintage wooden lamina to put on. We just have to take it to the lumber-yard to get it cut in size. And that might take a week..
Halfway though
I think it will be very nice once it's done. The best thing of it all is I can now fit my kitchen aid inside the cabinet. Redecorating is so FUN! And the bench itself will be long enough to have a dead, full grown human on it...just saying...


  1. awwnn Lovely kitchen!!
    But the pictures doesn´t enlarge here =/


  2. Hi Adora! ^^ I have been searching for these answers without success, but you probably have the answer.
    1. Can I drink coca cola zero while on the montignac diet? Since it has no sugar or fat ect.
    2. How often am I allowed to eat for example a normal milk chocolate bar? Or am I ever? Once a month?
    3. Will I loose my appetite for sugary things?

    Thanks. :))