Monday, June 20, 2011

Todays outfit

Sweden is at it's prime with a perfect sun almost every day. It's wonderful and I feel like a black dressed Julie Andrews when I'm outside....
..but with sunblock 50+ from Vichy and a big umbrella and singing "Kill, kill, kill, because I can...." instead of "Listen to the Sound of Music..."

I have spanish heritage, I'm a 1/8 of a Spanish and I get tanned sooo easy. Not red like most swedes, but brown at once - isn't that just typhical! Many people would kill for that, and I have the worst trouble every summer to stay looking half dead.

I forgot my gloves ONE DAY when I went to daycare and back (a super short trip of about 3-4 minutes each way) and already my hands are browner then the rest of me!
Never, ever not to wear gloves again! It looks so stupid now.

Hat, blouse: H&M, stockings: Shock, skirt: (altered) Lindex, short petticoat: online pornshop, shoes: Demonia, gloves: Camden market, London, belt: from another shirt
I love my pearl bracelets (I mix real as well as fake). My grandma always used pearls so I really love it since it makes me think of her <3 My grandpa even gave me her two long pearl necklaces she always wore since he knew how much I loved them. And he was so right - it is still the best gift ever given to me.


  1. Adora I LOVE Your pillbox H&M Hat <3 You pull the sophisticated goth look off purrrfectly!

  2. You look so cute and amazing!
    I love how in the last picture you have such a beautiful smile. Makes you look so young, no matter how old you are!
    - Asami the Raven

  3. Adora, what hairdye did you used for your grayish haircolor from the 1st picture in the blog ''shoe tips''? i really like the color.

  4. I've realized its not only because of your decendence or genetic how fast you get taned. If you dont have skin problems the whiter you are the faster you get tanned.
    When i was like 15 i used to have sun bathes (right?) like a comun person and i didnt get tanned reaaaally fast.
    Then i realized i hate the sun becusa it made me feel me preasure low and because my grandmother's belly :P which hasnt been exposed to sun ever (because of their bathing suits of course) she had teen skin there :P i realized how bad sun was!! so i stoped having them and started using 80 factor sun protector and now if i dont use it i get really tanned, so fast and it lastss me for ever!!

    Its a curse!:P

  5. me too I am spanish native and french and I easily get tanned and I go brown with a touch of pink instead of red like the rest.But If I use sun block spf 100 I stay looking dead wich is what I like!

  6. I have the same problem. But every year I realize it too late, so I always end up with browner hands. A classic "bonnabränna", almost...

  7. @Anonymous: In the first picture "Shoe tips" I actually have a soft turquoise, so it's not silver. But to get a more greyish/silver color I often use a dash of Directions Violet in my conditioner (about 20%) or Directions Silver (50%). Depending on what amount you will get a crisp white or a more silver nuance :)

  8. I've the same problem too, but I'm Italian, you can imagine how fast my skin became tanned :'( I use a total sunscreen almost everyday....

  9. Haha I have the same problem, I ALWAYS get tanned even though I use spf 50 on a daily basis. I've maybe got snburnt twice in my life, but my skin gets so dark that with my black hair I look like Pocahontas. And it has nothing to do with your heritage, I am 100% german ;)

  10. this is one of your best outfits yet!

    i do love seeing your outfits of the day.

    love and fangs for you Adora!!

  11. The same thing happened to me when I worked as a street make up artist in Venice during the Carnival this year. And it was in February. :/ My bandmates joked on my brown hands for days.