Saturday, July 2, 2011


The pale bunch of you (wanting to look like a dusty vampire like I); what base, foundation and powder is the best according to you?
I use:
  • ♥ Boots No 7 Beauty Serum (to soften the skin)
    I need things for my age, and this reduce my pores and wrinkles. I get a good effect from it.

    ♥ L'Oréal True Match C1 Rose Ivory mixed with Kryolan Ultra fluid Foundation TV White Art. 9130
    ♥ Kryolan Ultrafoundation TV White 2 (sometimes mixed with TV White). Ultrafoundation can feel a bit thick but it's got the full coverage I like; as do the L'Oréal and Kryolan mix.

    ♥ IsaDora powder 10 (transparent)

    ♥ Kryolan Anti-Shine Powder, transparent Art.5705

    (♥ Sometimes StarGazer White powder, but I am not super-pleased with it)
I'm always on the lookout for a new, better foundation (although I'm pleased with the ones above).
I like really rich covering foundation with little maintainance during the day. The Kryolan I use only needs a few extra powder puffs during the day to make me look matte.

Bombard me with better base/foundations/powders, please!
Illamasqua, M.A.C.? Never tried either.


  1. Personally, I just mix a pale foundation(Jordana) with white eyeshadow xD Horrible I know, but it gives me a very pale color xD I also set it to the palest pressed powder of either Jordana or Maybelline xD

  2. MAC isn't the best as their foundations (like so many others) have loads of chemicals, but their colour choices are supreme. I use mineral foundation, but my best friend in the makeup world is a good strong, long-lasting, full-coverage concealer, with my mineral foundation to go on top to make it look natural. But then again, I don't go for the very white look, but my natural pale skin. (I am an NC10 - NC15 in MAC, which means very pale with yellow undertones.)

    My biggest problem with makeup is finding good blush, something natural and pale and doll-like (and peach!) but will last all day on my skin.

  3. I like MAC foundations for every-day wear, and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics' OCC Tint for lighter coverage days (they come in a ton of colours: I'm pretty pale and there are two shades lighter than the one I wear). But if you're looking for WHITE, try Meow Cosmetics' foundation in Snow Lynx. It's a white powder made for mixing with their foundations in order to lighten the colour. It's also reasonably prices since you get TONS of product for about the same amount of money as most foundations. The ONLY bad thing about OCC and Meow is they're online order-only. They ship quickly, but if you run out and don't realize, it's upsetting. :/

  4. I promise you will find your perfect shade at this website.

    They are an english company , they do various formulas, that start from PURE WHITE, and then go right on up in shades.

    they do thick, medium and light liquid, creams. and pure white powders.

    they are kind of expensive, but very much worth it .

    I am sure you will LOVE some of the lipstick too - they have very good and bright shades.

    Please let me know if you like any with a new blog post!!

    I do not work for this company, i just love to support make up made in my own country!

  5. The best possible foundation advice I can give you is to use a brand called Face Atelier. I use the zero minus (which is a white, used to help you adjust shades), and porcelain mixed together as no other company makes a foundation light enough for me (literally, my skin is THAT pale). It is professional grade, not drugstore or designer, silicon based so it floats on the skin and doesn't settle into lines, and requires no touch-ups for me during the day. It is also buildable without being cakey. I use a pea-sized amount for my whole face and get full coverage. A little translucent powder over the top and you can be as pale as you like, all day (or night) long! The best part is that they are affordable.

  6. Illamasqua, definitely. I can't live without their foundation, particularly the cream.

  7. the best foundation for me is bare minerals...nothing better than a healthy foundation that will help your skin get can actually sleep with this foundation and it will not get you old! though this foundation is mostly like a powder..but ca you can achieve a decent coverage..i used to have acne and it covers my left marks pretty skin has gotten soo much better! i use the lightest
    tone fair c 10 in matte and then the translucent powder on top gives me a natural pale if i want to look extra pale i use maniac panic white on top of that..i can achieve the palest look with just powder foundation no creamy foundation required...

  8. I use MAC studio sculp in NC15. It's the absolutely palest from MAC.
    I have naturally very pale skin, so it is actually a little bit too dark for me. I fix that problem by using a little bit of stargazer's white powder to set the foundation and then a bit more on highlight areas.
    I works so well! And after applying blush and lipstick i look like a doll.

  9. I use Revlon fondation with Spf 25 in ivory. It's not that pale but It fits perfectly to my skin colour, my skin tone is crap I get teined when I leaf the house vor 10 minutes without sunprotection and even when I am pale I have a brown undertone and not a rosa I like to have. The fondation feels good on the skin and covers medium I think.
    It works pretty good for my everyday look and I can go out without sunblocker I my face exept when I want to stay in the sun for longer than 30 min, it isn't a big problem who want to be that long in the sun?
    My powder is transparent from maybeline.
    lots of love F.

  10. I use Super+ BB cream from SKIN79! It´s just a cream, but it has a good coverage and a WHITENING function! I love it. It´s the best base for my skin and before using Make up. Normally i´m using Max Factor´s second skin foundation mixed with stargazer´s white foundation then. Perhaps the balm is something you would use. It smoothes the skin and brighten it. The skin seems to be much paler after using it!

  11. I personally like to mix MAC Studio Fix in NC15 with Stargazer Pro Liquid Foundation in Translucent and finish with MAC Fixing Powder for a nice naturally pale daytime look. If I was going out at night I'd just use the MAC as it has amazing staying power.

    As for Illamasqua, I've tried both their cream and rich liquid foundations and while they have an amazing shade spectrum and look flawless on film/camera in real life I find them very cakey/patchy looking and they slide off easily.
    I've tried various ways of mixing/ applying them but it's the same each time.

    I think in general it's better (and cheaper) to do what you're doing now, buying the lightest foundation you can and custom mixing it with white to get your favourite shade.

    Also, base-wise I love MAC Prep+Prime SPF50. You can dance all night without your makeup sliding off AND have non-greasy sun protection in the day. It's my most favourite product ever! : D

  12. I use mineral foundation powders because liquids just give me somke awful reactions and so I've tried to find some good mineral for years now... And finally I Found my savior from Maybeline pure foundation minerals.. the lighest shade rose ivory was a bit too reddish to my skin so I used mschick skunk miracle powder to make the paler effect. It worked fine until Maybeline quit making the foundation last winter!! No other had the same product only liquids... finnish people adore for some reason first the liquid foundation and then powder which in my opinion makes skin look terribly unnaturally thick... I want my base look as natural and fresh as possible (and pale of course ;D)

    Last month I found via a nail art blog I follow (charming nails) a new loose powder mineral serie I had not known about... Lily Lolo and they have the palest of the palest foundations!! I'm so happy that I've discovered this one because it's so easy just use one foundation and it keeps my skin matte without extra powder so I'm very happy with this product! I use Mineral cover up shade Blondie which is almost white whit a hint of light sand perhaps. This is also Cheap, only 9e (ordered from different site which can't recall now...) anyway where as Maybeline cost 17e!! and for an extra white look I use the skunk miracle and then Lumene's Matte Harmony mineral powder shade almond beige (again it's the lightest but not enough and if I use only lumene I need to fix every now and then during day to stay matte. But lily lolo is just the best for me my skin looks natural, it covers everything and I don't need any extra powders on top of it! Loving this one!

  13. I use Manic Panic's white, and Starlett Ivory and translucent setting powders (from Coles/Myer here in Australia). I also have a sparkly Avon one that blends with the vague colour for touchups during the day. Worst thing for liquid foundation? Using an iPhone for any length of time. It's all "hey man, I'm just going to melt your face. kthnxbai".

    Steve Jobs is satan and he hates goths. :|


    Oooooor: any foundation+mac face and body white

    here you can see the review of my favourite make up artist <3

  15. Well to be honest, I'm not a goth but my natural skin color is ridiculously pale. I have had a very difficult time finding a foundation that was both affordable that could blend well with my skin. Then I came up with a solution...

    Covergirl sells both liquid and powder foundations but the powders are slightly lighter than its liquids. I buy one of each.

    I wear 505 ivory (no mistake it is very pale) and apply it with a thin layer of powder of Translucent Fair over top. It absorbs the oil and prevents my face from being shiny and since the liquid is the base and the powder is slightly lighter, it lightens my face and gives an overall very nice finish. It doesn't seem to effect my skin negatively either.



  16. Actually I was very pleased about manic panic goth white cream foundation,it holds on skin whole day and smells nice too,(but sadly the package it is super small,so it only lasts for me about maximum 2 weeks)

  17. Hi Adora!

    My advice is to check out Make Up Store's dual foundation. I used to be a big fan of MAC's powder foundations, but I felt like they were too thick and like my skin couldn't breathe properly.

    Dual foundation from Make Up Store can be applied with a wet or dry sponge, so you can decide how "thick" you want the result to be (light or good coverage).
    It comes in two shades of their palest option- with different undertones to suit your skintone.
    The palest option is very pale without being white, and I find it is perfect for everyday use and great for touching up during the day.

    - Anette x

  18. I cannot find the proper kind of skin care products, my pores are just too wide and I still have acnes at 30... plus the wrinkles are coming, too. This Boots No 7 Beauty Serum is, however, only available in Sweden I guess... at least I have visited quite a few DRogerie Markts, Rossmans etc. here in Hungary, and none of the saleswomen have even heard of it. I wonder why they don't sell it internationally if it's so good, damn it!

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  20. I use Manic Panic pressed powder but I mix it with other brands. I like light shades of mineral foundations and powders. I use a light skin color of Everyday Minerals to cover up my flaws then I put a pale powder over it.
    My favorites:
    Everyday Minerals Sandy Fair Intensive base (for coverage)
    Everyday Minerals Kaolin Powder Fair (quick mild paleness)
    Manic Panic pressed powder Spectral

    I like that picture of you by the way you look like a undead beauty that has come straight out of a coffin.

  21. Manic Panic Pressed Powder in Anemic

  22. I have to recommend MAC foundation. They are the only brand that make foundation light enough for my skin. Doesn't cover all the freckles, but it's the palest foundation I've found that is not clown white.

  23. Thanks for posting this!! I'm on the search for a pale foundation....I'm naturally pale and have tried Loreal, Covergirl, Maybelline, etc foundation in the lightest shade and it still makes it darker than my neck :/

  24. 1.-First of all I use green concealer 2.-then just a drop of Second Skin Foundation (Max Factor) in tone 040: Ivory to cover the green conceale, because you're not going to look like a vampire you'll look like a zombie.
    If I already bought my saviour I only use Boing concealer (Benefit) and that skips steps 1 and 2 :P.
    3.-I use Dreamtone foundation (Manic Panic! NYC).
    4.-Now the last step is Virgin White Pressed Powder (Manic Panic) and...

    Voila!!! You have a nice super pale skin.

  25. i would just buy a bottle of mac face and body (a light, water based foundation) or full coverage (much heavier coverage oil based foundation), both of which come in whit and can be mixed with any other foundations you have for the perfect finish and consistency!

  26. Can anyone recommend which white foundation i can use to brighten up an estee lauder BB cream i have?

    I can't decide if:
    Face atelier zero minus OR
    Illamsqua white based foundation OR
    MAC face and body in white would be better?

    If anyone has used any of those products please can you comment on:

    what the finish is like?

    Do any of them make you face feel rough/dry or too greasy?

    Do they add to make your foundation consistency more thicker and full looking or can it look sheer too?

    My concern is that i dont like to apply a thick layer of foundation hence why i bought a BB creme in the first place. So if i add a white foundation to lighten it would it make it more thicker in its consistency?

    If so do you think i should go for the MAC face and body in white to help with keeping things sheer?

    Thanks i appreciate any feedback :)