Friday, July 15, 2011


With less than a month left to M'era Luna festival in Germany I'm about to order some new, cool lenses.
I'm already VERY happy with my blue angelic eyes and the white ones with black borders, but me and the cute sis wanny try someting new this year. (We ordered those from
We are going to match outfits, hair and make up on the first day. I think we will look great!
Just gonna decide on some lenses we both like.
I'm really looking foward to the festival as much as the look we'll have.

Here we are after M'era Luna 2008. This was just before we were about to remove our make up. I'm so amazed our make up still looks good after a whole days partying.


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  2. check this site adora! i love the black sclera lenses!

    Sofía Lecter

  3. One thing I ALWAYS wanted to ask, is: if you make the effort to go to Germany for just one festival, why go to M'era Luna and not to WGT?
    Pleeeease answer Adora :)

  4. You should try Circle Lenses if you want big eyes! They come in normal and crazy colours too :D I usually order from or or
    I live in Denmark and they tend to arrive timely :) especially iwantcute because it's from England, so you don't get the border patrol bill

  5. OMC (oh my cute~!!) I LOVE YOUR BLOGGIE!!! (^o^♥)
    I follow. Care visit and follow mine?

    Big loves muchly,

  6. M'era Luna ;____;. I wanna go to all those festivals, but now I can't hold a waste of money. I'm sure you found the perfect lens for both of you. Kisses!

  7. hi! Why "Asperger Synthdrome" below your pic?

  8. @Lea: M'era Luna is not so far away for me as WGT is. And I really do like M'era Luna festival :) But perhaps next year I'll do both.

  9. @LaMarielala: Asperger Synthdrome is the name of our "band". A small hobby with too little time for unfortunately.

  10. wher did you get those lenses? I want some like this. Oh I sound like a totally bitch right now but I am searching for some like these for years.
    lots of love F.

  11. I'm a huge fan of yellow contacts! :D
    I honestly can't picture them on you two, but then again you guys pull off anything!

    Hot pink are also pretty. ^o^