Sunday, July 10, 2011

My siamese cat Porsche won!

I'm tired like a dog running after cars all day after the cat show.
But we cleaned the arena from contestants and put them at shame ;)
Porsche, my wonderful, cuddly, cool and beautiful seal point siamese won both CAP and Best in Show!
I'm so proud. You can find some photos at my facebook. I will put some up here as well, but not just now since the Sandman is very insistent and comes with wheelbarrows of sleeping sand.


  1. Hi sexy lady. Super congrats on sir kitty winning. I had a question. I was reading up on the montignac method. I yo yo in weight a lot and I was reading your blog and seen you had great results from it. I'm still sort of confused on the whole thing. Is there anything that you can recommend reading?

  2. Good for u! :3

  3. hur gick det för jenni då? :)

  4. Congratulations to the gorgeus cat and the proud owner!

  5. Yippieh! :) Congrats! How great is that?!

    Sal K.