Friday, July 8, 2011

Yesterday: Mother turning 60

Yesterday my mother turned 60, so we went by to give her a few gifts and delight her party guests with our revelations :)
I gave it a good thought and figured I'd make a nice gesture and NOT dress in black.
I remembered I had a cute moss-green, short, chiffon cocktail dress somewhere in the attic. Haha, to match my green hair.
But since the attic is a no-mans-land with things from the first decade of humans and clogged with "things that might come in handy" I tried to gently ask my husband to do some digging, but that was a sure dead end and I'd to settle with the only dress with color I had i the flat - a skin-colored chiffon dress that goes by the name "the pig dress".
The wierd thing is I really love this dress, but I probably look to others like a bad version of Miss Piggy in it. Oink, oink.

To top it off I put on a "few" of my jewels. I was teased all evening about not being able to raise my skinny arms with all that metal on. That I could!
My lovely kids outstaged me as usual with their cute outfits
And we were served smörgåstårta/sandwich layer cake and cold buffet. This was my second plate. Yummie!
My mother, Eivor, and me (I pixled her since I'm not sure she wants the attention ;) As you can see she's got some good genes being 60 and having that slim body. (She's not short, I'm wearing heels, she's not)
We gave her some cute gold heart shaped earings as well as a strawberry cutter and a lime chasing tool.


  1. Your mum is young for your age. God, I'm 18 and my mum is turning 57 next week!

  2. You look amazing in that dress! It's really beautiful. I love your jewels too, gorgeous ;)

  3. Adora, you look so gorgeous in that dress! Not like Miss Piggy at all!
    You should really take to wearing more pastel colours. Not only does it flatter your skin colour, but I think you can pull that off and still look goth, especially as your hair and makeup is so "alternative" already. That would be so much more unusual and original than black on a goth!

  4. I really like that dress... I love gothic fashion and do tend to lean towards black but I often wear cream, very very pale pink or nude tones because I don't class them as 'colour!' I occasionally wear purple but I love a goth in white - that is my absolute favourite <3

  5. nice outfit Adora! and your kid's, wow, how cute.
    I have a question for you Adora, as a mum:don't you ever lose your temper with your kids? i mean, reading your posts and watching your pics i always get the feeling that you somehow manage to always be perfectly happy with them. I'm a mum of two, a six and a half years old boy and a 19 month old baby girl, and, man, a do struggle with them sometimes! Of course I love them to bits and I enjoy spending my time with them doing all sort of stuff from taking long walks, or doing some shopping to reading,cooking, watching cartoons and so on. But, you know, it's not always easy. Any advice?
    ps.congratulation on your mum for looking so good at 60! here's where you got your amazing figure from!

  6. You look lovely as always!

    Adora, can you make another make-up tutorial?

  7. Congrats on your mother! And I just love to see how you form such a wonderful family despite all the prejudice you probably get daily!

  8. Ooh, how wonderful! I love your dress, hand it over! Congratulations on your birthday, Mrs. Bat Momma! <3!

  9. I'm congrat your mom too.You two are so young and beautifull.
    I love your jewels.Your look is adorable as always.

  10. Du är jättefin i grisklänningen, den ser inte alls konstig ut på dig (själv skulle jag verkligen se ut som en gris i beige). Och med blommorna i håret blir det pricken över i. Vilken fin familj du har. Kram /Therese

  11. love the Royal Copenhagen plate! We have them too, my Mormor brought them with her to Canada:)

  12. aw! cutest kids in the world! and the cutest mom in the world!and a very young looking mormor:) Kiss:* from Norway