Monday, August 22, 2011

Kids started school today - finally!

Ok, not all of them. "Baby" TeeBee is still at daycare, but Fairlight started pre-school today (or class 0 as it's called here) and Synthia went on to second class.
I felt so proud when leaving my two big girls.
Finally they will join the treadmill that's goes on for life...poor suckers. They might think it's fun now...
Worst of it all is that it involves me somehow.
Yeah, I thought I was done with school and brain damaging homework - but NO, then you are a good citizen and produces children, and once again you are punished and dragged back to a life of homework your kids needs your help with. WTF?!

Sure, I have a husband who loved school growing up, and studied mathematics and stuff just for fun (and still to this day finds it funny to pull out some old mathematics on biochemical level to solve just for fun) but I still sit by half of the homeworks.
I don't wanna!!! Schools over for me. I can't learn anything more, brain switched off, input only for make up skills, sewing and baking. There is no room left for pointless dates of when king Blabla Blah died or when the first snail landed on the moon. I'm not interested!
I think I will have my mum make me a note to give to Synthia's and Fairlight's teachers saying I don't have to help with homework.


  1. poor adora, but before you know it all this school stuff will be over.....eventually.

    i know my mom shares sympathy for you on this xD she still deals with it even with me in college

  2. hahaha, awwww, adora, that post had me laughing so hard.:D
    poor you. and your husband seems craaaaaaazy! maths suck!

  3. You poor thing! I think your husband is crazy! :)

  4. my mum feels the same way it drives her grazy XD when she has to help me with my homework

  5. Hahaha! This made me think of myself and my boyfriend.
    Him: I'm bored, I'll explain to you how this super complicated maths problem works for fun!

  6. My mom never had to help me, I don't like to recieve help when I can do it by myself^^

    Hé, you're lucky hystory lessons are waaaaaaaay worse in France, have to learn evey king from Charlemagnes to the last one, and every stupid president to our little Nicolas... (I can't imagine anyone from other countries learning it just because they love our fuckin past...)

  7. what really sucks is having to learn german history. obviously you have to know everything about world war 2 but you also have to learn all the shit that happened before and after that.

    i'd much rather do homework for fairlight and synthia :)

  8. Wow, your kids school starts early, mine school doesnt start untill Steptember 6.

  9. My son started kindergarten today. I've had these same thoughts, about how I'll be going to and from school day after day, and when my son is older I'll have to help him with school work.. I never liked school much. A couple more years and my daughter will be going to school also... so much years of school helping ahead of me. I'm partly sad because my kids are growing so fast.

  10. Good luck kids! May you have a most wonderful school year!!! Study hard and don't forget to play. :)

    I can't say anything, I'm a college/university professor of Art History. I do research, reading and writing for fun ... I can relate to your husband! ;) I adore school -- both being in class and teaching. Some of us are just HUGE NERDS!

    Hugs from NYC!

  11. My son is 6 and in the first grade I don't really mind helping him with his homework yet but once he gets out of elementary i'll be hiring a tutor.. because me myself always hated school!

  12. you should do a terrible homework, all bad answers and wrong dates so your kids never ask for help anymore
    then... lots of cupcakes!!! they wont be mad for it.