Tuesday, August 16, 2011

M'era Luna festival 2011 - Friday 12'th; The Trip

Here's the trip to this years electro/goth M'era Luna festival in pictures.

My super pretty sister Jenni is about to leave our apartment at 04.00.
 I always drive the first part, all the way from Karlskrona to the bridge towards Denmark.
 Jenni and my husband posing the "band picture".
 Stopped for some kind of food.
 Since my driving wasn't appriciated I was banished to the backseat.
 Finally, almost 12 hours later, we arrived at our hostel and could eat all the nice food we bought.
 You might think it's all my food, but the nice organised boxes to the right is Jenni's. I "only" have the other 5 boxes ;)
Then it was good night to be in shape for next day's fun and games :) More pictures tomorrow.


  1. those are some great pics :)
    all of yall are very photogenic

  2. Haha, I saw you at M'era Luna (still wondering why you go there and not to WGT) and was amazed at a) how tall you were and b) how drunk you seemed :'D

  3. @Anonymous: a) I'm 177 cm + plateau shoes and b) This was one of my more sober years! But even when I'm totally sober people think I'm drunk - I just have that kind of personality :D

  4. Hey,

    looking forward to see more pics.

    Have seen you on saturday! All dirty white ;-)
    Wanted to talk to you but you were eating asia noodles. I didn´t want to disturb and some time before your sister stood next to me at the moon bar.

    Where have you been on sunday?? Haven´t seen you, your sis or some of your other friends. Okay it was rainy, grey and windy all day but I can´t image that you were just tooo black to be not seen from me. ;-) I really enjoy looking @you with your impressive style but I was very surprised about the white outfit *shiverrrr* *ieehh white* ^^

    For you it is not required to wear white to get the attention of the people. Your charm and charisma is enough to delight all the goth-people out there. It is very disappointing today that "goth" people (or most of them) only get attention from others and (mainly) photographers if they wear "not black", exorbitant colourful cloths/ hairs (!) or nearly naked ^^

    With "goth-greetz" from Germany

  5. Even so pretty on the way to get there!!! :-)
    I would have loved to be there, but there was no way...
    I´m really looking forward to see more pics, you´re gorgeous!!!

  6. "More sober" is such a good expression :D he he
    Anyways, you girls looked soooo pretty and different all dressed in white ;) I even preferred it to your all-black outfits!