Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Question time

I got a question from Krista Stewart on Facebook:

"i was wondering if you were able to do the Montignac Method lifestyle while you were pregnant?? Thanks"
Noooooo.... I was sick for all 9 months and puked when ever I smelled food. The only things I could eat was tasteless white bread, Danish pastry's and crackers. Everything else made me cry because I felt like puking. And that's how I gained 22 kilos in 9 months...
And I ain't joking. This is the total truth.


  1. Adora, I was wondering, do you have any patterns on how to make an Alice in Wonderland apron? I can't seem to find one ANYWHERE...

  2. sorry if this is random but i was wondering how much your fangs cost im sick of having to take mine out all the time. it would be really helpful thank you. Keep being awesome:)

  3. @Venus: No, sorry, I just make aprons out of my mind, I have no pattern :(

    @Zombiegirl 1358: Mine didn't cost that much, but I live in Sweden where we have a dental plan. It's very individual for each dentist. For me I payed for the material and the amount of time it took to put them in. They are made of dental composit and no harm have been done to my real teeth, the compisit have just been put on top of them. Just go and ask a couple of dentists. I did mine at Folktandvården/general dentistry. VV

  4. Okay. Thank you very much, Though! :)

  5. Hi Adora. I just found your blog. Could you please tell me how did you lose all that pregnancy weight? I´m asking because right now I´m 5 months pregnant, feel nausea all the time and can´t eat anything but white bread and crackers.. which is disgusting and it is getting a toll on the way I look. Please please. Thank you Adora. Greetings from Mexico