Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sister is here!

My sister Jenni arrived tonight because tomorrow at 04.00 we'll start our journey to Hildesheim, Germany and the Mera Luna festival. If I meet you there - hugs!!!!
If not, here's a virtual hug *mmm, hugs, hugs*


  1. I can´t tell you how much i´m looking forward to see you two, and your gorgeous outfits..;)
    I don´t know if i should come and say hi, maybe i´ll just start to giggle and run away ;)

    from Germany ;)

  2. You are both super cute! Wish you to have a great time and lots of fun! <3

  3. I'll be partying in the goth way at the same time in Italy while you will be at Mera Luna. :) Jenny is so lovely *-*

  4. I'd like so much to can go to M'era Luna Festival, but I live in another continent :P So I wish you good festival & lots of fun lol

  5. I hope to see you on Saturday and/or Sunday!!!

    by the way, if you are not allowed to drink in glass bottles, plastic bottles, and cans... in what the hell are you allow to drink water!! just from the free places?? Ohh Gothh!!!

  6. I hope that you two (as well as everyone else going to the festival) has a wonderful time there!

    Hopefully one year I'll be able to make it there, and I hope that I'll be able you both there. Ah, maybe once I'm done with college and I have the time and money to get there.

    Love from Southern CA, USA,

  7. Really like what you're wearing in this video! Have a safe trip!

  8. You both look Marvelous! You and you're sister are just awesome! I hope you both have a Lovely time at the Mera Luna!

  9. You two are so cute!!

    You know Adora, I know you've been asked about how people respond to your style and lifestyle...were your parents always cool with you and your sister being gothic? Just curious because you seem to have a really close, lovable family :D

    have a great time and stay safe!!! *hugs*

  10. AAAAH! Adora, do you know how hard it is to meet you there? Last year I haven't even seen you. This year I only saw your big, fluffy white hair when mesh had their concert. I hope I will meet you next year..