Monday, August 8, 2011

Synthia's 8'th birthday party

As the swedish tradition I made 7 kinds of cakes/cookies for my beautiful first child; Synthia's B-Day.
She went out and bought the serviettes for her party. It turned out perfect!

Here's some shots of the cookies and cakes. My favorites are (well all really) the blueberry as the raspberry cupcakes <3 and death caps.
 Mini raspberry cupcakes with frosting and a small jungfru bröst/virgin breast (as we call them in swedish) on  top. Or if you're prude you can call them jelly raspberries...
 My "eye" cookies. To make them even cuter I put them in a small candy paper this time. They look like super small cupcakes <3
 All in one shot! From front to back: chess squares, eye cookies, sticky brownie cookie with peanuts, sticky brownies cookies, blueberry cupcakes, death caps, raspberry cupcakes.

Minimal blueberry cupcakes with blue frosting and sprinkles on top. I feel like a GIANT when I eat all those small cookies.
 The birthday princess herself <3
Happy 8'th birthday, my pretty and sweet girl Synthia! Beautiful Fairlight in background is totally pre-occupied by her cakes.
and here's the strawberry filled cake she decorated (with some help from me).


  1. Cute! Your daughters are so adorable! Hope she had a Wonderful Birthday :)

  2. Your children are beautiful and you seem like such an attentive mummy :)

  3. Happy Birthday Synthia with hugs from NYC! Well done, Momma -- the sweets look delicious. And your girls are just beautiful, just like their Momma.

  4. Dearest Adora, do you have any decor ideas for Little Goths? I am 12... :)
    Please Reply! And Happy Birthday to Synthia!

  5. Aw cute :)
    I might have a cupcake party for my daughters 4th birthday. All inspired by you ofcourse. She loves your hair by the way ;) haha

    And happy birthday synthia!

  6. Åh vilket fint kalas du har gjort till stora flickan! Så söta kakor :).
    Grattis till Synthia!

  7. Oh wow, everything looks delicious! Happy Birthday Synthia from NJ, USA!!! I hope it was a wonderful day (it was abviously a deliciously decadent one ;) I was inspired by all the baking you do last week and ended up making a whole bunch of muffins (too many apparently :) for my family to eat! Raspberry and blueberry muffins actually.
    P.S: You're girls are gorgeously adora-ble just like their Mommy :)
    -Kelli <3

  8. happy b-day, girlie! she loves that dotted dress ;)
    the cookies look sooo good!

  9. Oh beautiful, you're such a magical and wonderful mummy for your children. All we need is Love

  10. Happy birthday Synthia! And for you too ;). Great work baking!

  11. Adopt me? <3

    Synthia looks so happy!

  12. Your girls are beautiful! Synthia look like you!

  13. You're SO EVIL, how can you eat them? they look soooooo cute :3

  14. Wow! You are amazing at baking!

    Everything looks so yummy, not to mention insanely cute :D

  15. Haha, Jungfrauen Brüste ... cute :D

  16. I'm a MotherFuckin' Barbie GirlOctober 4, 2011 at 1:31 AM

    Your little girl looks like a smaller, cuter Sally Skellington :P

  17. ΟΗ ΜΥ! those angels are syre going to be as pretty as their mom is! <3 And I hope also as talented ;) Kiss them both for me, will ya? ^_^

    PS: "serviettes" in Greek means "sanitary towels" hahahahaha! and I thought to my self: "WOOT??? Wtf is she talking about?! O_o" BUT having a half-Danish boyfriend helped a little... I was able to remember what it means. tehehe XD

    OH! And when I visit again Sweden I would like some recomendations about good clubs there ok? (I will be visiting Vessigebro, Falkenberg, Ullared and if necessary Gothenburg. My soon to be mother in law lives there <3)