Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday thoughts

Friday is like THE best day of the week, don't know why, but my body can feel it - and no, it's not alcohol related!
I have not had a drink since M'era Luna festival in the beginning of August (I think).
-Why is that Adoooora? You got a bit too much, ey?
- Hell no, but I see no reason randomly drinking. I'm super happy sober!! But a sip of wine wouldn't hurt,
So, flying to London next week with the cutest sister in the world (inside and out), Iva Insane. I'm so looking forward to it - but I'm feeling so stressed. Why, stupid?
I wanna look my best for London, so I need to do something about the hair and I'm thinking about making some dreads so I can have dread falls again (been ages ago),
but I still wanna have my ordinary (boring) hairstyle, just hanging about so I'll probably make dreads that easily removes. I will probably end up looking like a troll, but I'll give it a shot! I will be a cute troll.
What more - jacket? I want to goth one up and make it pretty, pretty, and custum Adora, kind of.
And stupid London weather - all week it's been 24-28 degees Celsius and next week 13-16 degrees. WTF!! I'm not okay with that...

What more to prepare: Gonna bleach and color my hair (still green and silver), print out loads of paper on where to go.
And I have a big poster to make since me and my friend L is entering a contest here at home. We have had like NO time to do it, so we probably will not win. But you at least gotta try! In my head we have already won. Oh yeah!


  1. Of course you will add dreads. I made a bunch that I sew on a pair of elastic snoods, just to tie in my ponytails.

  2. The weather over here is awful, all sunny and blinding. :C Hope that you'll survive in your black clothing!

  3. please do a tutorial if you do your dreads id love to see your take on how to make them :)

  4. Yes we're having a heatwave here in Ireland too! It's awful, looking at all the lovely winter clothes in the shops and being too hot to even consider buying them!

  5. huuu nice jackets! Fanplusfriend Garden is a nice brand! good quality!

  6. Do you know of any websites that would list gothic/industrial/electro/whatever parties/gigs/clubs in London? I happen to be going there next weekend as well and was looking for nice events, didn't find much... I guess there's Inferno in Electric Ballroom on Friday and Slimelight on Saturday, but I've been to both... Also, I didn't really like Inferno that much, too much metal.