Tuesday, September 6, 2011

M'era Luna festival 2011 - Day 1, part 4

We went to the joy and the jolly of the festival.
My husband was careful with his pale skin and had an umbrella to protect him.
me and my good friend Colin
 Me and band photographer friend Dani
 My lovely friend Sinja. Be amazed - she made that wonderful outfit herself!
I'm just drinking juice people. Juice!
 Ronny, Hanna, me and two chockingly beautiful girls; Mari and Linda
My pretty, pretty friend Hanna sharing some love
 This can possibly be the cutest couple ever spotted, especially the left person <3
 Me and and my sister Jenni (Iva Insane) and one of our favourite Italians; Ryan.
Saying goodbye to wonderful Hanna for the evening.
 Like a scared deer (or dear, if you whish) at X-tra-x.
 I'm looking a bit like a zombie when hooking up with the fun and sweet Monaco, head of X-tra-x.
 And to top it off, a ghostly picture of the Wimmerstedt sisters <3
I still have some pictures photographed by others from Day 1 left before entering Day 2.


  1. Woow§ Where did you get those lences!? I have never seen any crazy lence that cover your pupil? I thought something like that wouldn't be possible, and still be able to see! I want those! And I'll bet that my boyfriend want some too!
    I just hope that we will be as cute as you and your lovely husband someday, and that our relationship will at least last half as long as yours!<3 And you are a cute Deear, and Deer. Kisses ;*

  2. It´s a pity, photos doesn´t enlarge and I can´t see the details BUT they´re all AMAZING!! You look great in white and blond...

  3. the pictures, especially the last one, are sooo beautiful <3 <3

  4. hey adora may I share the last picture on my facebook profile? :3

  5. Thank's all <3
    I will acctually put up white screen lenses in my shop later this week or next week.

    @Rubina: Of course you may, I have nothing against anyone showing my pictures. I have often named them so it's ok :)

  6. the pictures are sooo pretty , you are so pretty! the picture of you and your husband is the cutest ever! but they all so beautiful.
    Please please make a tutorial of this look.
    lots of love F. <3

  7. Hi Adora! :) wonderful photos as always!! I have a question for you, but if you feel it's too much personal, don't feel forced to ask. The question is: are you a jealous person? I mean, jealous towards your husband. I am a lot, and sometimes I ask myself how do other people cope with this feeling. Will it disappear with time? We've been together for 6 years now, but i'm jealous as if it was the first day! Since you and your husband have been together for maaany and maany years, you sure have got a secret to make a relationship last so long and cope with this kind of ugly feelings ;)

  8. I love your photos. I can tell you had wonderfull time on festival.
    Just want to comment your husband behind Hanna; to me, it looks like he sneezed :D
    I love your stlye and you bring so much good in my life with your blog.. (and now your sister *happy*) And I'm not goth girl, at all, more like everyday girl.. :/ I wear goth only on carnival days in february. I know goth people dont like it because they think I'm mocking but our carnival motto is "be what you wanna be" and now, I always wanna be goth girl :D

  9. you look fab as always adora but i have to say your friend hanna's hair made me squee!

  10. The time was so awesome :)! Cannot wait to see you really soon again! OMG the one picture of me SCARY whihi, but the heart was just for you <3! Miss you xxx

  11. You and your sister are such pale beauties. I like the all white.