Thursday, September 8, 2011

Todays make up

Today I missed the alarm and didn't get up until my husband got up. Panic!!!
Had to quick fix the make up. So, it was a bit more "normal" than usual, and that's a shame since it was a parental meeting this evening.
Now everyone think I'm like normal (the green hair and the fangs didn't give me away, oh no).
I will still rule, and be a class mum and force the little kittens to do crafting. Mo-ha-ha-haaaaa!

The quick fix make up. I added a lot of glitter under the eye to be more sparkly and feel less ordinary.
For the meeting I had on a (black) puff sleeved dress with my Sonia Rykiel bow attached under my chin, lace stockings, a wide PU belt and a new pair of shoes. No picture unfortunately :( I forgot


  1. It still looks great! Your makeup always looks great:)

  2. that look fits you so terribly GOOOOD!!!

  3. Just wanted to say, you have an awesome blog. Found the link on =)

    Also, loving the hair color. <3

  4. I like it. Glitter always saves the day. I remember even using it in my hair.

  5. Are you afraid of being ordinary?
    Not ment as a troll comment.

    You need to tone yourself much more to be the regular mom at a parent meating.