Saturday, October 1, 2011

My sisters Birthday today!

My pretty sister Iva Insane turns 24 today!!!
Happy Birthday, and may all your birthday wishes come true <3
Last year today we were in London together, at Torture Garden to be exact. Having a swell time I might add.
This year we'll leave for London 3 days after.

My sister and I have the same father, and I have the fortune of having her mom as an extra mom, but I still have my "own" mom as well.
My mom and dad fell out of love when I was 3 years old, and both found new living partners.
I grew up with my mom and her husband, and visited my father and his sweet wife Berith (called Beda) every other weekend.
My father and his wife tried to have a child of their own for many, many years, but nothing happened. But about 10 years after they met they finally did it.
I was 15 when I "got" my sister. I was in school, and I knew what day and time I was supposed to get me some baby sister or brother because it was a complicated pregnancy and it was a planned cesarean section at 10 o'clock (if I'm not mistaken) the 1'st October 1987.
My whole class knew I was about to get a sibling that day.
All of a sudden the headmaster shouted out in the speaker: "-Ann-Sophie Wernersson (that was my name by the time) to the expedition!"
I jumped up like I was sitting on a burning chair and shouted out "¨-My sibling is born!!! and ran for the expedition.
I can't remember if it was my father or his wife who made the call but I remeber them saying it was a girl.
Wihooo, just what I had hoped for!
And we'll leave it at that for this time :)



  1. what a wonderful post <3...i know how gorgeous it is to have a sister (i got 2 "little" sisters...22 and 13)and they are the most important people ever and i love to see other siblings who love each other that much...have a wonderful birthday <3

  2. Have a very happy birthday, my dear!
    I must tell you, you and your sister are my idols, my greatest inspiration. It's great to see two sisters get along so well.
    Let's just say my sister and I aren't always too fond of each other...
    But anyways, I hope you enjoy your birthday and I wish for both of you to have fun in London!
    x o x o

  3. Hope you enjoy your birthday, sweetie! Cutesy Story, Adora! I wish I had a sister, all I have is a twin BROTHER :P

  4. I love you both.... you are fantastic!!!!

  5. Din syster & hennes mamma är väääldigt lika varandra!! :-)

  6. Thanks for sharing, nice story. Wow! 15 years is a BIG difference in age!

  7. What a sweet story! It made me smile :-)

  8. Wow, Iva really looks like her mama!

  9. Hoppas din födelsedag var härlig, Iva!
    Du är så speciell <3

  10. A little late, but happy birthday to your lovely sister! May you spend many, many more birthdays together ^^

  11. A belated happy birthday to Iva! Awh, that story is so cute.

  12. That's so ironic. My birthday is October 1st, 1987. Haha!