Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The ghost of Christmas Past

Yesterday I hang up the big star in the window, and slowly I will transform this flat to a winter wonderland.
This years theme is white and baby pink pastel Christmas (it's been decided since 2 years ago).
And for the first time ever I will not have a real Christmas tree *boohooo*
I will have a white fake pine tree instead. It will ruin the set a bit, but I'll have a real tree next year. Promise!

These cookies are just disgustingly pretty! I could never make anything this lovely!


  1. A white tree sounds good. I bet your daughters will like the baubles! I am doing black, silver and red this yea, with ornate baubles - very vampire! Do you have a tradition of when you put the tree up?

  2. and if you think fake trees dont leave any dirt on your floor... its wrong XD but still i <3 white fake christmas trees :-)

  3. Those ornaments are very pretty.