Monday, November 21, 2011

Old picture of the day

The year of 2001 I very often "forgot" my dress when we were about to go out clubbing.
You know how it is, you pay too much attention to hair and make up, and all of a sudden everyone yells
"-It's time to go!!! The karaoke taxi's arrived!"
Then you just have to priority choose between clothes or quickly as hell get drunk (kids - remember, WHEN I drink I drink to get drunk, but the occations this happens is LESS than 5 times/year. So instead of drinking little every week, I just save it all up for a few big occations. You should not drink too often! Water is better for the brain.).
My priority always was the drinking part.
Clothes?! Who needs them!

I even was "dressed" like the first picture when I shook hands and talked to Martin Gore from Depeche Mode at one of their backstage partys, and accused him of stealing my dress!
He had a good laugh at that :)
Not many people can brag they had Martin Gore seeing them in their underwear - but I can :)
He was so nice (or that was perhaps only because I had black Linda Magic shoes and he was short so he had a clear view at my knockers!).


  1. I never got the "naked clubbing"-look. But hey, but it's worse when it's 15 year olds going out getting drunk in no cloths in the middle of the winter and stuff. -.-'

  2. wow u are so bold to wear so little! I would be far to shy! besides, if you have a body like yours, why not show it off!

  3. WOW!! I love! MArtin Gore!! ^_^and I sooo envy you!! with love!! hahah ^_^