Sunday, November 13, 2011

Todays make up

Picture 1,

Even though I was going to an adventure bath today I see no reason not to have pretty make up, at least to begin with...and I figure since I wear so much make up it will only look like a normal Goth day of my life even if it smudges.

Picture 2

After beeing drenched by TeeBee like 45 times, got under the water several times and been splashed on 62 times the make up still were perfect! I'm in shock! Kryolan foundation and IsaDora powder really stood the test today!

And oh yeah -I have the Senior Goth body of the year as you can tell  :)

And the fiercest swim wear in the Goth history. Uhhm , perhaps not..

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  1. you look sexy as hell in a bikini.

  2. you looks so sexy creepy in bikini <3

  3. Haha jag minns dig, tror vi har träffats på festivaler, dock ganska ytliga möten,!( Är mer åt punk/deathrock hållet än synth =P) Men såg även att du hade gjort muffins med bitmärken i, har också gjort det i våras! (kanske mer passande till halloween dock) Vilket sammanträffande iallafall!

    Började precis blogga själv o sökte på på typ goth bloggar o sånt, då kom denna upp!
    Hare bra, och fortsätt med bloggandet!
    där är en länk iallafall!

  4. Since I saw your urge to keep your make up on, I decided I will let you know about a secret of mine. Spraying a little of hair spray over your make up makes it last longer. I found out about this from a friend of mine who is a make up artist and no sweat or anything makes it go away! :) (only the lipstick if you drink and smoke will fade a little) AND I don't use Kryolan. Now imagine what those two combined can do... Maybe tattoo make up?! hehehe!

    But seriously try this one out on a Saturday night out and you wont regret it! Trust me.