Thursday, November 17, 2011

Today's make up

Went with poison eyebrows today.

They are so much faster to draw then the black ones that's got no room for errors when you are in a hurry.

The green ones (and other colors too for that matter ) is not so delicate, and if they go bit wrong you can always correct them. If you correct black ones you might end up with a unibraw.

I simply use a slim aquarelle brush, dip it in water and blend it in my Make Up Store green Cyber Shadow Extreme. This works with almost all shadows and blushes.

The color won't be as liquid as cake liner and CEL sealer together so it'd more difficult to paint swirls and stuff this way - but it can totally be done.

Tomorrow I'll do a Friday swirl make up using that technique so you'll see.

Hell - let's make this your BatBrat assignment! To use a color shadow as brow or painting on your face. Send links! Kisses

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  1. hi adora.i follow your blog everyday but for the past few days i havnt being able to get in?i get a error mesage but its all in a different language, i can only speak english so i dont no what it says but everytime i X it or click ok it keeps poping up.i somehow managed to get rid of it just there now.and its not my pc because i tried to log on in college and it wouldnt work either :0