Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas crafting 2011

This is how my dinner table looks like when I indulge in some crafting...

"-Hi, family, I think we should eat China style today, sitting on the floor."

or perhaps:

"-Think of this as a art showroom and grab a plate and start mingling. "

Will I be hanged by dawn or declared a genius? We'll just have to wait and see...


  1. last night i was making christmas cards for my family, the whole table was covered in gold glitter! lol takes forever to clean up! :P

  2. Hello Adora! Here in Scotland we have 167 mph winds (that's like a category 5 hurricane!), rain, and well, we had snow but the wind stole it. I saw on the weather map that the wind was swirling above Scandinavia like a hurricane, and that your weather looked even worse over there, so I hope you are Ok and that your family are all safe and warm.

  3. Im lucky to have my own craft room. It's down the basement with all stuff on the table waiting for me to keep on crafting with the christmas cards. I saw your lovely ornaments on fb, theyre so beautiful!