Friday, December 2, 2011

Kids Christmas crafting 2011

You all know how I just looove to torture my kids with endless crafting? The other day was time for another punishment!
"-So, your bed isn't made to perfection! You go straight and do some Christmas crafting young lady!"

And so poor Fairlight wandered off to the Zwart Chateau with her head down.
In tears she so painted a small baking form (in Sweden used for "almond clams") with white acrylic paint. When it was dried she filled it with some green moss she plucked on her way home from school.

She twirled some steel wire around it (we we're supposed to add some white pearls to the wire as well, but forgot), added an old Christmas tree candle holder, and tadaa, she's got her own candle to light, and blow out every morning at breakfast!
Sweet idea, right?
You can do lots of fun stuff with those baking forms, just Google.
(And, please, no kids were harmed during this crafting).


  1. This idea is so lovely!!! It will be perfect for a tablesetting with lots of those! I make tree decorations of them.

  2. Very sweet blogentry :)