Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ouch! At the dentist

Whoa! Some crazy ass drilling in my mouth today.

I had the second time for the root filling today - and jump on to a pony and be thrown off in the rose bushes, it hurted! Good thing TeeBee was with me all the time, holding my hand.
Later he explained he only did that because it looked as if they were getting me ready to put me to sleep and he wanted to keep me alive< 3

It was all very fetish oriented today, with latex all over my mouth.
Hope the tooth will stay OK until next time!


  1. Wow ur braver than me! I would not let anyone take a photo of me in the dentist chair!

  2. Awe your TeeBee that is so sweet! Looks like you are wearing lipstick :)

  3. this is kind of scary yet cute in a weird way! lol. love it

    lindsey |


  4. The glasses look stylish on you ;)

  5. I have don the same thing today...but thanks goood ore someone that noone was there and tok photos of me..;-)

    nes year it´s time to fix the rest of mina tänder. (gav upp engelskan...haha...)

    Hope that you feel ok now!
    Im happy now when i have a new tuth (tand)
    / Thina (som verkligen inte kan skriva på engelska..)

  6. oh my gosh! you poor thing!!! but how were you able to take photos??

  7. oh my goodness i would have been terrified
    you are so brave, i would not have been able to do that!

    good luck with it healing, i hope it all goes okay

    happy holidays!

  8. God, I just had the same thing today, really painfull, still hurts :(
    Get well! ^^


  9. Poor kid!!!
    But you are always adorable!!!

  10. No dentist make up today? You son is just the sweetest boy on earth! Really cute story, I hope the pain is not to bad.
    Good night
    lots of love F.

  11. Aaaaawn, you look so Adora-ble all covered in latex... and your little child is the best! He's a hero ;)

  12. Oh my god scary! xD Glad I just canceled my dentist appointment..

  13. You look like you're gagging for it! Bet you don't have to open that wide for your barbie of a husband! ha