Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Todays make up

I got my new brushes yesterday, unfortunately not made out of squirrel hair (that I prefer), but made of sable. But I think it was quite good.
I will evaluate it for a week and then I'll add it to the web shop (if good) since I think everyone should be able to get hold of good brushes.

For the white on the inside of the eyes I used Kryolan TV-white foundation. The rest is made by Kryolan Cake Eye Liner and Kryolan CEL sealer, M.A.C. blacktrack fluidline and Viva La Diva black shade with glitter.

This make up was originally inspired by my cat Missan, an Abessinian cat I had as a child to my 20's. I used to do this make up a lot in my teens/<1984, and now just every now and then.
Then, about 10 years later, I found out about Elvira; Mistress of the Dark.
I'm guessing she had an Abessinian cat as well :)
She is just so pretty! And a good role model showing you don't have to change style because of age! I'm definately looking up to her looks. And those BOOBS! Yeah! I always think people with big knockers should display them! I wanna see more boobs!
Chelsea, love - you got it!


  1. I wish my skin was as flawless as yours, so pretty ;)

  2. Yeah, Elvira is nice, but she's not real, she's a fictional TV-persona that hosted horror films for TV.

  3. How is Adora's persona any different then Elvira's??? just because Elvira was on TV and Adora's is on the internet means Adora is real and Elvira isn't?

  4. Ah, Elvira <3

    Also, this is some of my favourite of your make-up! It looks really nice, a good balance of angles and swirls :) Are you going to post a tutorial of how you did it?

  5. Elvira <3

    and your make up is great!!

  6. Adora... just curious, have you heard of or tried SugarPill cosmetics

    - Im always reminded of them b/c Amy (the maker/founder) used to use Kryolan and be a seller and then came up with her own stuff... :)

  7. You're makeup always looks kick a$$ :-)

  8. Jättebra :) Amazing,love your style :)