Sunday, December 11, 2011

Todays make up

I've been out shopping all day, Christmas gifts, gifts for the teachers and some food.

I decided on a "french" look today.

At one store I saw this lovely girl and just stared at her: a shorter and completely white version of Desireless hair in video "Voyage, voyage". And some really nice make up. Not crazy- Goth Adora-make up, just very black and perfect make up.

And can you believe?  This astonishing creature came up to ME and said I looked pretty! although she was 10 times more pretty! thanks a lot <3



  1. You look amazing! I can't imagine a girl prettier than you!

  2. Yay for compliments from other alternative types!

  3. I always love what you do with your hair, mine is exactly the same lenght and even the bangs but it always look as if I was attacked by a wind storm. You inspire me to keep trying to control it ;P