Friday, December 16, 2011

Todays make up

Ohh, I did wrong.

A Goth can NEVER prioritize sleep before make up - it's a deadly sin!

But slap me medium hard and drag through flower t-shirts: I just did!

I feel like I should be punished and walk through some kind of Golgata for wanting sleep more than Goth style. This is low! I need an intervention!!!!


  1. Hey. You look awesome in this red lipstic!!! Should always were it! ;D

  2. change your haircolor for christmas! :D you'll feel better.

  3. Looks lovely as always ^.^ You should post some hair tutorials on youtube. I have long hair and and always bad with making it look neat. I only know a couple ways to style it and your always looks so beautiful.

  4. I LOVE your make-up!!! Awesome eye-make-up!!!