Thursday, January 5, 2012

Kids sick all around

My poor Fairlight and TeeBee is sick :(
Fairlight's got nettle-rash all over her body. She says she looks like a leopard.
It's some allergic reaction to something we don't know. But doctor's gave her some medicine and salve to make it better.
But I will probably be a bitch mom and nag until she gets an allergy test.
TeeBee is suffering from high fever and complains about having a sore throat.
At daycare they told me both scarlet fever, impetigo and strep throat are going around amongst the kids right now... poor TB.
When I called the doctor they said to wait until tomorrow to come see them if he still suffered from a sore throat then.

So today: much cuddling, movies and goth mommy was sweet and made the kids small pancakes for dinner. A pamper mom, I know, but it's awful seeing them sick and not being able to help.
Small pancakes helps a bit :)
Tomorrow Iwill be serving them another favourite just to spoil them even more: turnip mash and pork sausage. Whiiii, I'm the best mom there is!!!


  1. maybe its something in the laundry ditergant that you use in your sheets.

  2. I hope they get better soon. But make sure if it's impetigo to keep a close eye on him and his siblings. It's extremely contagious and can scar if not taken care of properly. Also, if it is don't use steroid creams! It makes it much worse. Also it has a good chance of coming back within six or so months. Poor children :(
    At least they have a good mama to take care of them. :)

  3. thank you for being an amazing and inspiring mummy <3 <3

  4. Hey BatBrat, Looks like Hives to me. I get them all the time especially after a strong upper respiratory infection, which sounds like what your other kid is having? So, maybe they both have the same thing, but one is reacting differently than the other. The rash will bounce from extremity to extremity, attacking the hands and arms then the feet and legs or vice versa. I always feel it in my fingers like my joints get puffy and my fingers get itchy, then I check my abdomen and sure enough I might find a blotch or two, then I go take some Benedrel or something with an analgesic. Tylenol PM works good for the nighttime, of course, not for your kids, only for adults. Just something to keep in mind to ask the doc.

  5. I have a four year old son, who I pamper as much as I can when he is ill and and can´t do anything to feel him better. So you are such a great mum, who loves her kids. Hope your kids ll get well soon and thank you for being just you.

  6. my experience is that carbs do cause allergies, skin-reactions and sore throats. i can recommand you a low-carb-based-nutrition. sorry if my english is bad, i hope you unserstand what i mean. serisously - try it! since i and my family are living low-carb since 5 years, no one has strange sikness anymore. doctors were helpless before. now we dont need doctors anymore. reed books abou it, its amazing. sugar makes your body sour and confuses hormones. such as sexual-hormones, which are important for your kids in a few years to be able to grow up normally. plus, carbohydrates confuse other hormones (dont know name in english), which leads to depressions and other psychologic desease. well, i hope you see my message as i mean it - i just wanted to inform you because i'm following your blog for very long time and have seen many pics of your kids.thats why i feel responsable to let you know the way i got healthy. i didnt want to sound like a teacher or doctor or something, i just wanted to give you a quick intro which maybe can help you. :)

  7. Don't you wonder why everybody in your family are ALWAYS sick? I find it very strange. 5 of 10 posts are about sickness of the children or even you. I think it's kinda strange.

  8. well lets face it with 3 kids going to school what do you expect? Kids get sick all the time.

  9. I´m sorry but I also thinks that you and your kids are sick very often. This is not that normal. I have kids about the ages of your kids and they get sick 2, 3 times/year only.
    Need more sun (D vitamin), need to improve your body defenses, need to have some sports to get the body strong...
    Hope everyone be well soon, I adore you and your family and wishes the best =)

  10. @ Anons and Suzanna: they could be feeling a little down, and Adora could be posting about it, without them necessarily being "sick all the time" in the fullest sense of the words.

  11. suzanna and anonymous, children gets sick, some more than others.only their mom would be known of their day to day events,and not all kids get sick the same. i have had scarlet fever and so have my sister and i think it is scarlet fever BUT i am not a doctor. hope,hope your child gets better, and being a pamper mom is awesome when you're a sick child, it is the BEST!

  12. wow, that is really rude, to make assumptions about her and her family's lifestyle because the children seem to be sick often..? well, guess what, your immune system is genetic, so if you are born with a weaker immune system you will get sick more often, regardless of your lifestyle.

    feel better soon, kiddies!

  13. Hmm, i have noticed it too, that people in your family are so often sick :/ Hope your children get well soon.
    Best wishes,

  14. do you think your children want to be famous because of their skin-sickness when their older? i would kill my mum if she would have posted my sickness so that the whole world could see it >.>
    poor children nowadays...cant defend against beeing transparent. they still dont get the point of what it means to show their whole life in the internet.

    btw bleeching hair is very very unhealthy.

  15. My thought is that allergic reactions are often (but not solely) linked to beauty products and hair colours. Allergic reactions can also occur after years of tolerance of a cosmetic product. So u may check if there's a product at home that's not so ideal for children :-). I experienced cases of allergies due to hair dye in the family.

  16. It definitely looks like an allergic reaction which could be caused by so many things that it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what the cause is.

    You could see about getting an allergy test done where they stick you with multiple,small needles that are dipped in various substances and left on the skin to see if any reactions appear. Allergies can be quite serious and scary.

    I had the exact same type of rash several years ago when I moved into a new condo. The day I moved in I started getting welts all over and felt like shit.

    I assumed it was because I moved to a darker,damp climate and it was probably molds and pollens outside causing havoc with my immune system. I never thought it was what was inside causing so much damage.

    Months went by and I kept getting sicker to the point my eyes swelled shut and my lips puffed up four times the size of Angelina Jolies and I also had problems where my throat felt like it could close up.

    Then one day while down stairs I noticed a funny black pattern on my bathroom wall and so I took a closer look and saw it was mold. The wall was so rotted that I could push my finger into the wall as if it was thick pudding.

    Black Mold! It turns out there was black mold throughout the entire building and I had no idea. It hides and is hard to see.

    I instantly moved out and once I did almost all of my problems went away,it was amazing...I actually cried because I was so happy to feel better,although a year later I found out I have stage IV Cancer abd part of me wonders if the mold had any part in this.

    I believe there is a shortage of sun where Adora and her family live,living in Alaska I know all about this. It does tend to weaken the immune system a bit when we don't get that vital sun every day.

    Anyways,I am rambling on here like I do when I've had an Ambien lol. I mostly wanted to say that I hope you and your family feel better soon. Your blog is lovely and I adore reading it and seeing that there are such amazing people like you out in the world today.

    As far as getting the allergy test done,I don't think you're being a bitch Mom at all,you are doing what any Mom who loves her kids would do.

    For anyone who likes to post anonymously or just come on here and try to belittle her,shame on you. If you don't care for her posts why not just leave? Don't you have better things to do than to criticize a woman who obviously loves and cares for her family?

    Go criticize someone who is a wife beater or a woman who chooses to party and drink with her friends rather than hang out with her kids and bake cookies? I don't know Adora other than what I see here,but what I see is a lovely woman who I would be proud to know and if I was graced to have her as my Mom I would feel so fortunate.

    Happy New years to you and your family!

  17. Hi batbrat,
    Hope everybody is feeling well. This topic has touch off so much criticism. I posted earlier and I just wanted to iterate that harsh chemicals like detergents are notorious for causing allergic reaction. My last reaction was to the carpet cleaner that we used to clean our carpets on our house. Since, I'm usually down on the floor playing with my kids. It didn't take more than a couple hours to get a reaction. I was able to pinpoint it right away and prevent further complications by just avoiding lying the floor and wearing socks around the house until the chemicals dissipated.

    As for the fools that don't understand. Kids get sick all the time. Matter of fact both are coughing with hacking coughs the last few days. Since most of our sickness comes from viruses, Kids haven't come into contact with the viruses like adults have. Everything is new, so they get sick more. I'm just glad you can only get a virus once. Schools, public places, and common areas are a cesspool of germs. I know that whenever I catch my kid messing around with something on the floor at some restaurant they will be sick in three days time. Whenever I start feeling sick, I try to drink like a ton of orange juice just to overdose on Vitamin-C , and I either don't get sick or the symptoms are minimal compared to the others suffering around me. Peace, Ya'll.