Monday, January 9, 2012

My Music Mondays: D.A.F.

Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft, D.A.F., have a few of the best electro tunes according to me.
I must admit I know very little of them, mainly because their appearence didn't shake my tree - and I AM that shallow! (just ask my husband; who I'm only with because I think he is sooo pretty and handsome), but I have caught them live on several occations in the 90's and forward.
It's another German band, from Düsseldorf.
Germans sure know how to make electro!
Wanna know more? Here's the Wiki on them.

Their biggest hit all around must be Der Mussolini. A song that will fill any electro dancefloor within 2 seconds.
(I take no political stands on my music - to me it's just music. You can't take everything too serious according to me. What the hell, my lyrics is about shooting and dismember people, and that's not something I "support" either ;))
The first song I ever heard of them was Brothers. I remember me and my friends were in love with the lyrics.
Then we have my ABSOLUTE favorite!
This song have been on my top 20 list since the first time I heard it. I can never get enough!
I hope this appeals to you as well!
I do think I must add this lovely, and bit annoying tune as well;
Der Räuber und der Prinz.
At least they made an effort to make a somewhat interesting video to this one...


  1. Adora just a quick music question? Have you heard of Nightwish? If you have what's your opinion on them? :) xx

  2. You have the coolest taste in music, Adora. :3 I want to hear more music from Asperger's Synthdrome though! Boo. I also wanted to let you know that I've put you as one of my inspirations on my blog because you are that special to me! Continue being fabulous! :*

  3. Hope you'll enjoy our D.A.F. cover:

    Following you on Facebook, great fans of you!

  4. D.A.F.! =D och jag som trodde jag var ganska ensam att lyssna på de. Der Räuber und der Prinz har varit en inspirationskälla för mig när jag känner mig kreativ och vill skapa något.
    Har läst runt på din blogg hela dagen idag, vet inte, men du är en person som lätt smittar av glädje. Dessutom känner jag igen din syster som bott i Nybro vilket är min gamla hemstad. =P

    Hur som helst, trevlig blogg! Fortsätt sprida glädje! ^^

  5. Men du borde komma ner till malmö i februari när daf kommer! :-) Ja alla borde komma till malmö då!

    Och det va sjukt länge sen vi sågs så kom ner nu! :-)


  6. I love your Music Mondays,you have such a great music taste! DAF is one of my favorites bands,I live my life in love with Robert Görl XD