Thursday, January 19, 2012

Today's look

I went for my darling Jack shirt today. My stabbed stockings and a pair of shorts. I felt so sporty! Like I'm a cheerleader perhaps?

And with a face like an angel ( who evidently fell into a bag of make up).


  1. So hows your belly button doing worried fans want to know that our Star is doing well and on the mend <3

  2. L really like your make up today :)

  3. Your make up in this post is my favourite above all among yours! It's so neat! *-* I'll try something similar (without copying of course). Would you please be so nice to let me spam the contest I'm running in on your comment spot? It's for alternative girls and I'd like to win the prize that's a brand new camera! *-* Here's the link to vote Rubina Shiver (voters don't need to subscribe, just click )---->
    thanks and sooooorry for the spam!

  4. What a coincidence: I'm wearing the same Shirt today :-)
    Really like this collar!