Sunday, January 22, 2012

Today's look

Some bathrooms are just slightly cooler than the others.
Most of the time it'sbecause they contain <3me<3 at the moment (what a stuck up comment, you a-hole!) I feel like Adora in Wonderland whenever I need to take a leak at my dad's and Beda's house .
The make up of today was a winner according to me. I felt so cuuuuute!
Time for my close up.

Aww, what a lovely crazy face! I think this is the kind of poses I do best.
If this wasn't me I'd like to give this far out chick a big kiss. What the hell, I just did...but in my hand.


  1. That is someeee bathroom! I think I would get very dizzy in there and confused though most of the time I feel like I'm in some wonderlands..I don't know if that is good, bad or cheesy but it just is. You look especially amazing the diamond shapes under eyes.

  2. Your father's & Breda's bathroom is vey retro! It's lovely, but I personally prefer a light, airy sort of bathroom. That pink mirror is very snazzy though, and fits the floral wallpaper perfectly.

    I like your makeup today, especially the swirls and curls. Not so sure about the black diamond-shapes under your eyes though. Your hair is as fabulous as ever :3

  3. You're always so sweet posing in the mirror :-)

    and OMG this bathroom, nothing for me but quite funny...


    Bringing the BatBrat name to the table <3 I saw these and knew you would love them.

  5. What a lovely bathroom! It's like a Gustav Klimt portrait. And you're gorgeous, as usual. I love your "goth caught in a far too happy environment" face XD