Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Today's make up

I'm guessing this is getting a bit boring since I always look more or less the same, but I will continue to show my daily make up every once in a while anyway!

Close up.


  1. You are such a great inspiration in many ways!
    One post I appreciated a little bit extra is the one about the synth/goth-passion that many have in their "younger years"
    Both in appearence/lifestyle and keeping the culture alive to pass on to them who might not have found this amazing life otherwise. It really struck a cord. I am one of those who still after all these years listen to that music every day but have let my exterior deteriate. Now I will take it all back and dust it off for the whole world to see :)

    I also have a question.
    Your skin looks flaweless and radiant. What is your secret or if you don't want to reveal it ;) maybe som less secret tricks would be very much appreciated. I am 33 but my skin looks like someone in their 50's that spent to many hours in the sun and constantly smoking.

    The sad part is that I don't smoke nor do I spend time in the sun without highest spf possible.
    Or should I blame it on genes :)

  2. Adora, I like a lot the posts where you show your looks (clothing) and I wanna know what you like to read, your favorite books, magazines...

    About the make up, it always looks great and fits well on you. I see other people doing the same make-up as you do and that doesn´t fit well in them, seems like an imitation. This make up IS you. People try to do te same as you, but looks out of place.

  3. you are never boring- you are sweet :-)
    <3 <3 <3

  4. Oh, I love your designs and how you express yourself!

  5. Adora, hello!
    I Eugenia, I live in Ukraine, for you to learn from the community in a social network VKontakte. When I saw you, I thought "just another subcultural fiend" but when I got to know more about you, I was shocked! You have three children. How do you cope with home and children, and as you have enough time for yourself? You looks great!
    Here is a community http://vkontakte.ru/adorabatbrat
    Thank you very much if you read my letter, and visited the community, we love you!

  6. Well if you dont wanna do a daily look post then how about a daily outfit post? That shouldnt be the same every day and I love looking at those pictures! :)