Monday, February 6, 2012

On a bus

Jumped out of bed happy as ever 05:10.
07:05 I'm on a bus on my way to school (will be every morning for the next 4 weeks). As you can see from the picture it's kind of in the middle of the night here in snowy Sweden.

Being born with the worst local sense ever imagined I just had my first PANIC ATTACK!
The bus will not stop at that place my husband carefully went through with me 4 times before bedtime yesterday. Gaahhh!
I just sent him a text to make me new travelplans from the new stop. If there will be no connection bus I will probably end up dead in a pile of snow since it's like a 20 minute walk in "some" direction....
At least time is in my favour for once.
Being known as the "Second Woman" (ref. Minute Man) I have lots of time to get me to the right place today. I'm known for entering trains 3 seconds before departure. That stuff always stress the hell out of my travel companions - but I say the point is to get on the train before it leaves, not how long before it leaves you have been there.

This will be very interesting to see where I end up today...

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