Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentines Day: 2 days left

How ever far away
I will always love you <3

Almost Valentines Day and I have had absolutely no time to plan anything! Time, who the hell stole mine?!
Well, the kids gifts are done - but what about the Alpha Love?

I wanna goth Valentines Day up. But mostly I wanna give out free huggies (and maybe take just a tiny, tiiiiny nibble in their neck while in the area).

Perfect Valentines Day this year?
How about being tied up real hard in an arm chair while being forced to watch all Star Wars movies in an eternal loop as my mounth gets stuffed with semlor (cardamon buns filled with whipped cream and almond icing) by my sweetheart and the kids are doing funny faces to make me laugh?


  1. awww i cnt wait for valentines day :) i bet you are gonna dress ur family up i hope you take a picture for all of us hehehe BE MY VALENTINE! im sure my teddy bear and zombies wouldnt mind :) lol kisses to u adora<3

  2. Watching all star wars movies and eating this pies seems like a good idea <3 *hrhr*