Monday, March 19, 2012

I fainted

I woke up in the middle of the night and needed some water.
I went to my bathroom and drank. I decided to take a leak since I was up.
All of a sudden I woke up on the floor in the shower with a massive headache and pain everywhere.
Apparently I fainted!
Picture borrowed from here
I needed help to get up so I tried to shout for my husband, but I sounded probably like a weak mouse and he was sleeping in Fairlight's room that is in the total opposite of our flat so he couldn't hear me.
I tried to shout, whistle and to make the SOS with my rings, but nothing...
Eventually I found an almost empty shampoo bottle I pounded against a door, and after a while he heard me.

Life savier?
He found me laying in the shower with my knickers down and asked me in panic for how long I had been there? -I went to the bathroom at 02:24, I said.
-Are you kidding me? That was over an hour ago!, he said.

I have no idea for how long I was out from the faint, but I do know I have several bumps in my head today. One that hurts really bad is over my temple.
The rest of the body have got some bruisers as well.
Think I won't close the door next time...


  1. poor you thats sounds horrible.You should see a doctor my dear!
    Hopefully something like that will not happen again.
    lotf of love F.

  2. Scary, but I guess it could have been even worse.


  3. Läskigt! Tur att du inte fick hjärnskakning. Det fick min syster när hon svimmade och slog huvudet i diskbänken.

  4. Oh my god!
    Hope you're okay!
    Take care <3

  5. Hua, vilken tur att det trots allt gick bra! Sköt om dig!

  6. Huvva! Sköt om dig kära du. Gå och kolla hos doktorn! Kram /Therese

  7. I do hope that you are better soon! Sending lots of love your way!

  8. Aw no! I hope you are okay! Xxxx

  9. Oh my goodness! That's happened to me before, it's so scary. Please feel better sweetness. <3

  10. I can't imagine how unpleasant feeling it must be.
    One of the possible reasons is that you blood preassure was low, because you peed, and then you got up and fainted. My friend had same problem, but he was ok next day.
    Kisses form Croatia!!

  11. Adora are you sure your blood pression is ok? :/

  12. Sounds like you hit your head on the way down - ow! You should see a doctor about why that happened. That must have been so scary!

    Something similar happened to me - I'd been feeling a bit faint before I'd got to the bathroom, though, and on my way down I was just about alert enough to deflect myself away from the bath so I just landed in a heap on the floor. I came 'round quite quickly, but I was still feeling very faint and the world was in black high-contrast with sparkles. I thought it might be either blood pressure or blood sugar at the time so drank some extra sweet rose-syrup milkshake from a plastic cup (in case i fainted again, I didn't want to be holding glass) and had a lie-down with my feet up. It hasn't happened again since, but I really badly hurt my foot when I landed.

  13. Please see a doctor if you have a concussion you should not have gone to sleep because it can kill you. Whenever you faint and you know that you have hit your dead always go straight to the hospital I am speaking from experience. I truly hope all is well, please take care of yourself because you have a loving family who would truly miss you if something bad happened.

  14. Oh my how scary I hope ur doing better :( that brought tears to my eyes