Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My first "dinner" for days

I went to the doctor today, just to calm down all worried friends and family that I'm not having a brain damage (another one!) after Sundays fainting in the bathroom.

She told me I was severe under nourished after not being able to eat since I got sick Saturday evening. I have only been able to eat pears, homemade potatoes soup and drink water

I got ordered to drink Coca Cola and to eat toast, so that's what I'm doing right now.

Not my usual diet I might add, the total opposite really, but whatever it takes to make me get back in shape.

If sugar and carbohydrates is what my brain needs right now to kick start; sugar and carbohydrate is what it gets!


  1. dont you think this is happening because you're body need carbohydrates that you avoid on your diet? what if that's true? will you change it or go for more montignac+faints?

    sorry if this sounds mean, it wasnt my intention. stay gorgeous <3

  2. I faint a lot, but it's a combination of many things like my low blood pressure and low blood sugars. So I have a very high carb and high sugar diet, and am vegetarian. But guess what? I am still just a skinny-minnie! Carbs are not evil ;) I love my carbs! <3

    Get better soon! We love you!

  3. What do you do if you faint when you are driving? if it is because of your diet I would be doing some serious consideration if I were you.

  4. People, read before comment, she fainted because she was sick, she has like three posts on this "winter puke" disaster, she didn't faint because of Montignac, people just don't faint of eating healthy :D

  5. i hope you get better girl. sucks you're sick. :'cccccc take care though. ^.^ love and miss yaa.c :xo

  6. You're absolutely right, whatever it takes to get you well again! Then you can eat more healthfully, but Coca-Cola and dry toast is pretty good 'sick' food. Both of them settle your stomach :)
    Also, if you have Hansens' Soda where you live, they make pretty good natural Coca-Cola (and ginger ale, which is also good for your stomach!)

  7. Vad skönt att höra! Jag misstänkte att du hade lite för lite näring i kroppen iom att du varit sjuk.
    Hoppas du mår bättre nu!
    Kram Henrietta

  8. I've had similar problems! It's so weird when you have to eat unhealthy food to make you healthy again. I agree with Lily; if you have Hansen's in Sweden, you should try some, it's really good. :)