Friday, March 23, 2012

Still on "sick food"

Have you noticed?

The sun is out, people are happy and the world seems so calm.

Sorry about that, Goths. I take full responsibility.

Last time this occurred was, well, not one amongst the living today was even born back I just let myself be content by saying it was a very, VERY, long time ago..

..and that time it was also my fault since I happened to get caught up in a too tight laced up corset and 2 young men for a week.

But humanity should stop smiling and have blushing cheeks quite soon because I'm on my way back to the living; one boiled potatoe and one boiled salmon at the time...

No one is allowed to have blushed cheeks naturally!

It's only with a discrete sweep over the cheeks in a natural color - just like I wear it (haha ha), that is appropriate. 

Winter puke disease! Prepare to be defeated!!!

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