Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tooth is out!

I can't belive how easy my tooth said "plopp"!
I thought my dentist just started when she said she was done!
It left some BIG hole.
Now I'm just waiting for the sedative to stop working and the serious Goth pain to emerge.

Here's a nice shot of the tooth as well:

Think the tooth fairy will reward me?


  1. OMG! Why did you do that?

  2. it was a wisdom tooth, wasn't it?
    btw: I love your makeup on this foto!
    the eyes are gorgeous!
    do you maybe have a full foto of this look? that would be so great!

  3. Your Eyebrows look great that way!

  4. Ouch! I remember having gone through the whole mutilation process, but with surgery and watching them take out four teeth in one shot. Pretty cool when I got to see the little guys. But now the mouth is better than ever.
    Hope the Tooth Fairy treats you twice as good on her visit. ;)
    <3 ^,.,^

  5. You should turn that tooth into a lovely jewelry piece. :D

  6. Yah, I think she kept the tooth to use it in some twisted craft project xD

  7. I'm so glad you post this stuff, because I'm having my first root canal done this week and I'm so terrified :( I will be in the office thinking about how Adora Batbrat stays strong and beautiful through it!!