Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New tattoo!

(my posts have recently been disappearing, so this is from the 30th of March)

I've just done a new tattoo!
I had all the kids with me for support and they hold my hand and constantly asked me "-Mummy, does it hurt?"
They we're so sweet to me! ..or they just really wanted to make sure I was in pain...

As a reward we all went and looked at the dead easter rabbit me and TeeBee found yesterday and then they got lollypops (me as well).
Poor little rabbit... It's not just because I'm goth I like to show my kids stuff like this -  it's also a unique way to see how nature cleans up dead animals.
The sweetest thing is we all got our lollipops for free today!

We "bought" them at the gift/home decor shop "Enkla" in Karlskrona. And the manager gave us the lollipops for free since he thought the girls looked so cute in their easter outfits they had on today.

What a lovely thing to do! We all got super happy - and the lollipop even tasted better than usual :)

I hope someone makes your Friday extra special as well!


  1. I saw a dead duck today but my camera was in my backpack and I was biking so it was too much hassle to stop and get out so I thought .. hey .. I should respect the dead duck? It's funny because here they call the sports team ...The Oregon Ducks.. So then my evil twin thought hah dead ducks o.O. I am not very fond of sports. I can't wait to see your tattoo!

  2. Poor little thing :(
    Maybe it's not exaclty the image we have of a reward...
    However, I can understand that it's not that easy to explain children what death is :(

  3. Stay with the cupcakes, please. Your IQ is actually frozen -0 C.

  4. That reminds me of a dead pigeon I saw in a parking lot a few years ago, it had been run over so many times by passing cars that it had become nothing but a flat pile of feathers. I figure it'd been there a few days since there was no gore, no guts or beak or anything, so I thought it was rather pretty. Just feathers.

  5. Blir spännande att se vad det blev för tatuering!

    Speaking of something else, vad för slags människa lämnar en kommentar som den skriven av "anonymous"? Uppenbarligen en feg jävel som inte kan stå för ogrundad kritik med sitt riktiga namn. Blir alltid så sur när människor anonymt kritiserar andra, som de inte ens känner.

  6. Hey Angelica, putting your name in public doesn't make you anything more than a ass-licker. So is the same shit, Mrs. Genius.