Monday, April 16, 2012

TeeBee and the robot

Darling TeeBee was invited to a birthday party to a boy from daycare later today. We made the gift look like a robot. So sweet!

What was in it?

The same skull tee-shirt TeeBee is wearing :)

Now they can be shirt-twins...


  1. I'm curious, how do other mommys at daycare react when they see you? Are they nice or do you think they talk about you behind your back? I know how "normal" people in Sweden usually are..

    I think you are fabulous anyways. Have followed you on youtube for 4 years now and you will always be an inspiration for me.

  2. I hope TeeBee had fun with her friends. The word "t-shirt twins" made me fall off my chair.
    The previous person commented on this already, but you seem like an awesome mom that's open-minded with style and creativity.

  3. So cute!
    Though I am confused.
    Is TeeBee a boy or a girl?