Monday, April 2, 2012

Todays make up

I'm soon on my way to the doctor for a "layered" X-ray. Cool!
I'll be in some kind of tube X-ray machine that will make lots of sweet little pictures of my torso, just like a torso book sort of...

Why? What else to do on Blue Monday? I'm doing it for Jesus :)
(okay, it's for a back surgery I'll have later so I will stop pinching some nerves in there causing me great pain from time to time)


  1. Good luck today at the doctor <3
    You look perfect as always *^^*

  2. Keeping you lifted in prayer, be blessed Adora that all goes well, be of great comfort

  3. Sweet Adora,
    The best of luck at the doctors. Are you christian?

  4. Ooh. Hope everything goes well at the doctor Adora and hope you feel better very soon! <3

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  6. but u´re a vampire!

    X-ray can't see ur bones!