Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Todays make up

Rain outside today. I hate rainy days! Guessing a cool Goth should love the rain, but I'm not that cool...

My toes are freezing and my fingers are almost numb..
At days like these I wish I was a Goth living in Spain...someone please beam me!


  1. aw you always look so lovely!

  2. In Spain is raining and it's cold too but you can come with me if you wish :p

  3. im in spain today is sunny!!!(in guadalajara hahaha)

  4. Really?? Aaaaaw, I love rain! Maybe because I don't see it very often XDDD. Yes, being a goth in Spain is easier in winter, but imagine how difficult it is in summer, with the burning sun and the sweating!! If you ever come to Spain, choose a northern destination, they're fresher. Maybe they'll remind you to Swedish weather ^^