Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Adora BatBrat's tattoo: The sight by Front 242

One of my house Gods - Front242:

My tattoo on my right arm is a simplified picture from the maxi single of this song, called "Tyranny for you".
Why: Because I LOVE Front 242, and I am the tyrann of my husband ;)
and this sight is the prettiest picture I've ever seen <3
Beneath is the simplified version I made for my arm:
This tattoo is by far my favorite. I almost drool on myself when I see it! Oh yeah!


  1. Vad är det på ditt halsband som är blurrat på första bilden?

  2. Please, show us the "girl" on your left arm. I really love it :O Tell about it!

    But this one is cool too :)

  3. You should make a post about the "Adora-ble Madonna" tattoo on your other arm :) I think it's an incredible pice of art ;)

  4. Adora, I have a question for you: why do you blur out what seems to be an Iron Cross pendant in your pics? It's the second time I notice that

  5. @Anonymous: In Sweden we have certain laws against wearing some symbols. Although it's a Maltese Cross, people may get offended and I really don't want that - or go to prison for having a (what I consider beautiful) necklace.
    To me it's got no meaning, it just makes a pretty necklace.

  6. I like a lot the pseudo-fascism style, it's my favourite of course ^^ I always think you have the same taste, seeing you wearing uniforms, cross, etc. Just for the style nothing politic.

  7. only to look slimmer on the pregnancy-image to have a single trouser leg it's truly mournfully~