Thursday, May 24, 2012

Healthy, skinny body 3: Bad things with being skinny

Being skinny isn't always a dance on roses.
It also causes pain!

I will tell you 10 "problems" with having too little subcutaneous fat.
  1. I can't lay on my belly on a floor because my hipbones pokes out so much that I balance on them and that hurts.
  2. When I sleep on the side I need a pillow inbetween my legs because my knees are so bony it feels like they will rasp on themselves.
  3. When I sit on a chair I sit directly on my ass-bones (just some skin between). It sometimes causes bruising..
  4. I can't sit on my husbands lap because of this, he complains about my "ass-bones".
  5. When it is cold I freeze straight to the bones. I'm very sensative to being cold.
  6.  As a kid I constantly had a red, ice cold nose - like Rudolph because I was always freezing.
  7.  As a kid I always had BIG bruises on the inside of my knees because my legs looked like bird legs where the knee is like a bulb in the middle och they constantly got knocked by eachother. Now I've learned to walk with my legs further apart.
  8. When it's hot I get extremely hot, and almost can't cope. The subcutaneous fat protects against both cold and heat, so I'm rarely pleased ;)
  9.  My hands have looked like a 60 years old woman since my teens.
  10. I tear apart clothes from the inside out ;)


  1. I would accept every of this unpleasant things if only i could look even half as good as you do. :)

  2. Oh damb, I can relate to so many of these!
    -There is also the names people make up for you like "toothpick" "skinny bones" skeleton etc.
    _everyone thinking you are anorexic
    _I've been asked "Are you going to go throw up now? After I eat.
    _Go eat a sandwich!
    _Having to adjust clothes (when I didn't just make them myself) because they make them for "women" bodies where they flare out insanely at ass, hip and chest.
    _I over heard a woman talking on the phone at the store she said "Is she a real woman or one of those you know sticks?
    _Lot of times when you eat it makes your stomach stick out.
    -When people give you a hug they say "oh you are so tiny I feel like I am going to break you"
    It was cool to see Rudolph here because today the chimney sweep guy came over to fix the chimney lol.

  3. some of your problems in this list are of similar type as for fat girls. I tear clothes on the inside of the thighs. Sigh I need to loose some wheight.
    It's sad that you and Bleiu have to stand with comments about your weight (as it is for everyone regardless of weight).

  4. My grandma would say: "Alles gute ist nie beisammen."
    Sweet Greets from Germany <3

  5. Hell yeah for being skinny!
    I weigh 34 kgs (68 pounds), but I can't seem to put on weight!

  6. I have no idea of what you're talking about. I'm quite in the opposite situation :).

    By the way, at the end of the page of your post, the Ads by Google list "Bulimia Therapy" and "Anorexia Therapy". Which is quite disturbing: Google pretends to understand what's the matter of the discussion and JUDGES!

  7. All you have to do is some squats for 4 or 5 months and you will get ass muscles that will cover those bones instead of fat.

  8. I have the sit bone issue too. I've learned to cope by sitting on a lap using the upper part of my thigh to sit instead of my bum. People say it can look funny because I'm leaning forward, but it causes less pain that way.

  9. Oh gosh! I have so many of these problems too! My hands are the thing that bother me the most though. :P

    Tell you what though, I wouldn't give up being 'that skinny-bitch' for quids! ;)

  10. It seems as though thin girls and us fat girls have some things in common! Except in some cases opposite.

    -I can't lay on my belly on the floor because my fat tummy squishes my guts and it hurts!

    -When I sleep on my side I need a body pillow or else my body does not support itself because of my belly and boobs and hurts my back

    -When I sit on certain chairs sometimes the arms rub or poke into my squoosy hips

    -I can't really sit on my husband because I'm on the heavy side and it's not very comfortable for either of us

    - I am almost always too hot but if I do get cold my butt fat for some reason has a really hard time getting warm, then I have a cold arse.

    -I have a painful time walking sometimes because I get thigh rub :(

    -I have a really hard time cooling off

    -I have little kid sausage hands.

    -I rip my clothes from the inside out and seem to rip them easily because I get my big arse caught on stuff.

    I guess being any size poses it's problems and we should have a good laugh about it! Bodies are fun!