Friday, May 25, 2012

Question: Are you a good mother?

I got this question, so I tried to answer it as true as I could.


  1. AWW! That's very true. It really IS important to love yourself. I'll keep that in mind till I breed!

  2. You are so cute : )
    I wish that every child could have a mother like you are. Not meaning that every person on earth has to be goth (or like i say "freak", it´s not mend in a bad way or anything, i´m from the dark scene as well, and when i say "freak" it´s mostly ment as a compliment;)) but you seem to be a very caring and loving mom. I wish that my mom would have been just a bit like that.
    Just stay the way you are and I´m absolutly sure that you will raise your kids in the right way!
    If I´m going to have kids, I hope that I will be like you, even if it´s just a bit^^

  3. This is so sweet. Some parents criticize their kids to no end, and they don't realize they're damaging their self-esteem and sense of self-respect.I've felt that with mine and it's an happy surprise that you really try to get your kids to love themselves first. They're lucky to have you.

  4. You are truly the best mom ever. Very wise and loving, with an awesome fashion style <3 Your kids are do very lucky to have you as there mother. I hope I can be just as amazing as you. You are a wonderful role model <3