Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cat Show

Porsche and I got the cage next to a lovely lady, C, who actually had a kitten from Porsche (real name S*Bergbackens Mangas Poseidon), a pretty Seychellois named S*Tetrafelines AbraCadabra (Fiffi).

But she was not there for the show. 
Instead C brought with her 2 of the most lovely orientals ever seen. One of them competed in Porsches category (seen with Porsches daughter on top), and for the first time I thought this would be a tough match!

Porsches competitor; "Tiger"

First me and Porsche won our CAP (Certificat d' Aptitude de Premier) and the judge told us to stay put because he wanted us or "Tiger" (S*Sandvretens Loch Lomond) to go to panel as best neuter male.

Ohh, what a nervous moment! Last year that happened too, and we won the whole shebang!
This is from when we first got him in November 2010.
He's become so much lighter since he moved into our nice, warm flat.

From last years winning at the Cat Show.
The judge was amazed by Porsches excellent and perfect triangular shape of the head, the excellent contrast in his fur, his condition, his long, muscular body as his temper - but still we lost this beauty competition to "Tiger" :(
But it was a close call, and the owner that was also my cage neighbour, was really surprised to have won over "the amazing Porsche" (as she called him). She would have never thought, she said, but was really happy to have had a real competition for once :)

Bit sad we lost - but since I also thought this was a very good competiter to us, I was not disappointed. Tiger is a very handsome cat.
Next year we will reform our troups and win!
This particular judge; Gianfranco Mantovani from Italy, just had a different credential than our judge from last year who was even more blown away by pretty Porsche and made him the winner!
There is still the racial standard to follow as they do their judgement and we did score Excellent 1 CAP, so we had at least 97 points out of 100!
Porsche got a nice cocarde and he had many fans over the day who got up to us just to see the famous Porsche "live". He is even more famous than me!!! It seemed like EVERY breeder in the place knew about Porsche and was a huge fan of him <3And it was not just his impeccable looks they admired, but also his wonderful personality.
I'm just proud to be the one taking him home. He really is as beautiful on his inside as on the outside.

Now we will relax for a year and if the kids want to have him at the Cat Show in Kalmar next year again, we'll go I suppose :)

And I got to say: my lovely cage neighbour, C, served me fake Champagne and "smörgårtårta" afterwards. What a winner! Thank's C for being such a friendly neighbour :)
Smörgåstårta by Adora BatBrat
by me


  1. :3 sorry you lost, but Hey! You really can not win them all, You made a new friend out of the deal and learned how popular your beautifully Handsome Porsche is. Good luck in the next show you take him to. I love your attitude on this subject, I wish more people were positive like that.

    Just another reason why I look up to you as a person. <3 Stay safe!

  2. I show dogs, and losing does suck! But getting compliments from a judge and knowing you have a beautiful animal is much more important!!!

  3. Porsche is just a stunning male and still going strong! It's so fun to see that :)
    It's so fun because I read your blog and now "celebrity-cats" show up here that I know of since I'm a breeder of this lovely, lovely breed! Wish you best of luck in the future, Jenny & the cats