Friday, June 1, 2012

Fairlight is getting her fangs!

Today Fairlight had a dental appointment.
Since she is 7 and have gotten her permanent canine teeth it was time for her to get her vampire fangs attached.
She was such a trooper and totally excited the whole time!

Her new teeth is even sharper than mine!
On the way home she wanted to try them out and took a bite at an innocent person.
Oh, my! I created a monster!

Unfortunately this lovely story isn't true, but a mum can dream, can't she?
But she did go to the dentist :)


  1. Har du sett dessa? För de dagar du försover dig.

  2. Oh, such a good joke, at first I was a bit shocked :DD

  3. i also believed in it at first and i was like "woah no way ;D" but then u said this 'lovely story isn't true, ' hehe adora :* <3#